Tonight! Talk to Obama, Edwards about Wal-Mart is gearing up for its annual holiday campaign and you can join the conference call:

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Obama/Edwards Grassroots Conference Call

Wal-Mart's recent policy changes are some of the most anti-family, anti-worker business practices in our country's history.

Join Senator Barack Obama and Senator John Edwards on Wednesday, November 22, as launches its 2006 Holiday Campaign, "Hope for the Holidays," with a national conference call for all supporters of the campaign. The call will outline the details of our upcoming Holiday Campaign, lay out Wal-Mart's recent policy changes and allow grassroots activists to hear exclusively from the campaign. ferencecall/

Full Disclaimer: I am the Field Director for Our campaign believes in the power of the netroots. We want to make sure all of you know about the conference call. We hope to hear from you tomorrow night or anytime at

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Why Russ Feingold is not Running for President: A Play in One Act

Scene 1

Lights up on Senator Russ Feingold in his office.  He picks up his phone, dials, and waits.

Lights up on Senator Barack Obama in his office, walking to his phone. He picks it up.

Obama: Hello.

Feingold: Hey, Barack, it's Russ.

Obama: Hey, Russ, what's up?

Feingold: Not much, not much.  What's up with you?

Obama: Not a lot. Busy week, you know.

Feingold: Sure, sure. (pause) So, we had a great night Tuesday, huh?

Obama: Sure did. It's really exciting.

Feingold: It sure is. (longer pause)'re gonna run.  Aren't you.

Obama: Yeah.

Feingold: Okay, thanks, buddy.

Hangs up

Scene 2

Lights up on interview between Feingold and a reporter.

Reporter: So, why have you decided not to run for president?

Feingold: Oh, you know, having too much fun being a senator!


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Cheney Promoting Clinton Winning White House. Why?

On Tuesday, Vice President Dick Cheney stated that he thought it was possible Hillary Clinton could win the White House.

"I think Hillary Clinton is a formidable candidate," Cheney said in an interview with Fox News Channel's "Hannity & Colmes" due to air Tuesday evening.

"I think she could win. I hope she doesn't. I disagree with her on nearly all the issues, but nobody should underestimate her. She's a very serious candidate for president," he said.

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Draft Obama Site -- Soft Launch

I've spent the last few days installing and configuring a new site,, to serve as a grassroots gathering spot for the body politic to rally around a 2008 presidential run by Illinois Senator Barack Obama. I'm announcing the rough draft of the site in a diary here, in the hopes that others more talented and eloquent than I will join with me and help build something larger and more exciting than what's there now. In essence, I hope this will be a building block to a movement that will blossom into a celebration on a cold January inauguration day in 2009.

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