Race and Gender Prejudice: poll--which is stronger?

The possible candidacies of Barrak and Hillary raise the issues of race and gender in American politics and society.

I'd like to probe these underlying issues. Set aside Barrak and Hillary as individual candidates.

Just asking a question here.

* Are white Americans ready to break through their racial prejudice and consider embracing leadership in a black man?

* Are white Americans ready to break through their racial prejudice and consider embracing leadership in a woman?

* Which of these prejudices runs deeper and will be harder to break through?

Poll and my thoughts on the flip side. In taking the poll, please reflect the world you live in personally. I'd like to get a feel for that. If someone knows of good polling on the topic, that could make a good response post.

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Obama's Inexperience "Problem"

So Barack Obama is inexperienced.  Is that really a big handicap when it comes to seeking the 2008 Presidential nomination?

Obama is still in his first term in the Senate.  Prior to that, he had served eight years in the Illinois Senate.  Is that the profile of a Presidential candidate?

You might be surprised, though, that lack of experience in elected office has not been that big of a problem for many past candidates.  By the end of 2008, Obama will have held elective office for 12 years -- or twice as many years as George W. Bush had when he took office, and twelve more years than Dwight Eisenhower, who famously won the Presidency without having ever held elective office.

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DraftObama.Org Launches

DraftObama.org launched this morning to encourage Barack Obama to run for President. I started thinking about DraftObama soon after his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, and so to see it come to fruition is exciting. I know we don't all agree on a choice for 2008, and some of you will no doubt disagree with my choice quite vocally, but I wanted to write a little more about why I started it, what it's been like, and how MyDD encouraged me to get involved.

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Ethics: what this year's bills say about next year's

As we know, the first order of legislative business in the 110th House is the passage of a Congressional ethics bill.

According to recent reports, the profile of this bill will be maximised by taking each of its components as a separate floor amendment, and inviting GOP amendments for consideration.

During the peace and quiet of Black Friday, I thought I'd take a leisurely look at what happened to the abortive Congressional ethics legislation that came to the floor earlier this year, to get some clue as to how things might go next year.

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Ethics bill: Dems at sixes and sevens

It's hardly any surprise; the ethics proposals in New Direction were hardly radical; the years' long ethics truce in the House (remember that?) suggested no great desire among House Dems to exploit GOP misfeasance (why could that be? Jefferson? Mollahan? Any ideas?).

And the first real business of the 110th House - the Maj Leader elected pitted Mr Dem K Street Project against Mr 'Total Crap' - the phrase that launched almost more lefty emergency parsing missions than I voted for it before I voted against it!

The Times has a piece today on the variety of views amongst Dem MCs on the ethics bill which is item #1 of Pelosi's 100 hour agenda.

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