Congress Approves Nuclear Deal With India (Pakistan's Neighbor And Rival)

The big story to come out of Congress yesterday was the passage of the economic rescue plan in the Senate that passed with support from nearly three-quarters of the Senate.

However, there was a big foreign policy vote yesterday that is deserving of a mention and discussion. Yesterday, the United States-India Nuclear Cooperation Approval and Nonproliferation Enhancement Act was passed by the Senate with a 86 to 13 vote. This came after the House passed the legislation on Saturday with a 298 to 117 vote.

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Christmas Bombs for Iran?

Bill Kristol and John Bolton, in separate interviews, seem to be leaking a Bush plan to take out Iranian nuclear facilities before he leaves office. If it is done before the election, Obama is sunk.

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Oh this can't be good.  The Financial Times is reporting this morning that the Pentagon is claiming it can't seem to locate "sensitive" parts for building nuclear weapons.

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McCain at AIPAC: Drumbeats of War?

With all the attention focused on the last primaries in the US, it would seem there isn't a lot of space left for another happening taking place in Washington DC. Yesterday the American Israel Public Affairs Committee began their annual conference.

Republican presidential nominee, John McCain opened the conference to warm reviews from the audience. The Real News Network decided to send a team to the conference to follow what he and other speakers had to say.

The first piece is an analysis by Aijaz Ahmad on McCain's opening address yesterday: McCain at AIPAC: Drumbeats of War? n=com_content&task=view&id=33&am p;Itemid=74&jumival=144

The second episode contains differing viewpoints on the rising tensions between Israel and Iran: "Apocalypse Now" McCain: Two Israelis disagree n=com_content&task=view&id=33&am p;Itemid=74&jumival=146

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New photos of atomic bombing of Hiroshima include humans for first time

This must be one of the shortest diaries around, I'm sorry.

These photos were only released recently. They are very disturbing.

We should consider this as the inevitable consequence of any use of nuclear weapons. ic_tragedy/photos.html

We needed to end WWII. I probably would have supported dropping the bomb to shorten it too.

But.. no decision is without its TERRIBLE consequences.

Even if you are not religious. Please pray for peace..

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