Stability of Pakistan’s Democratic Government Key to Nuclear Security

President Obama met with Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Gilani over the weeked as the global nuclear summit kicked off in Washington, DC. The US has consistently said that it is not worried about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal per se, but sees a greater threat in efforts to destabilize the democratic government.

Pakistan has approximately 70 to 90 nuclear weapons according to a report by Havard University’s Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs, titled Securing the Bomb. According to the authors of the report, while “Pakistan has taken major steps to improve security and command and control for its nuclear stockpiles,” the greatest opportunity for terrorists to seize nuclear weapons comes from the fragile stability of Pakistan’s democratic government.

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Bill Richardson Roundup: June 23-30, 2007 News Review

Highlighting his considerable foreign expertise, Governor Bill Richardson last week set forth a path to avoiding military confrontation with Iran over its nuclear program. Richardson called on Bush administration to stop threatening Iran with "incendiary rhetoric," and instead recognize our interests in engaging Iran diplomatically.  

Richardson's week ended with a well-received speech before Latino leaders in Florida.  Decrying the tone of the debate in the Senate on the immigration bill and how Latinos are portrayed in the media, Richardson asked:  

Do you notice that when they depict immigrants, they have someone crossing a wall, jumping as if they are criminals? How about the farmers who break their backs working or those who are cleaning the toilets and working at the hotel where we stay? How about the American media covering the immigrant who died protecting his country?

Also of note, added Richardson to its Top Democrats charts, joining Clinton, Obama and Edwards.   Charles Franklin of stated, "For other Democratic candidates, we've not seen a substantial upturn anywhere. Richardson stands alone in that respect at the moment."

For a full review of Richardson's week, continue reading.

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Bill Richardson Roundup: News of the Week in Review

This was a significant week in Bill Richardson's campaign for President, with a major address in Washington D.C. at the Take Back America Conference on climate change and how to end the bloodshed in Iraq.  

It was also a significant week for peace and stability in Korea and Asia - which highlights Richardson's expertise in foreign affairs and his diplomatic skills. With Richardson as President we get two for the price of one - a can-do leader on domestic issues and an experienced diplomat that knows how to bring people and nations together.

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Propaganda Machine Working Flat-Out To Prepare Us For War With Iran

Everyone, it seems, is talking about the upcoming invasion of Iran. Mark Cliffe, chief economist at the ING Group, argues that,

"Financial markets are assuming that an Israeli and/or US attack on Iran is unlikely. However, bellicose rhetoric from Israel and an imminent build-up of US forces in the Gulf suggest that they could be in for a shock,"

while the Secretary General of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, has warned that a U.S. attack on Iran is a "50/50 proposition".

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The War Machine Keeps Turning

As the last quacks of the lame ducks in Washington and London grow ever closer, as Prime Minister Olmert's popularity plummets ever lower and as hope for peace in the Middle East fades ever fainter, the war machine keeps driving us, inexplicably, towards war with Iran.

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