MN-SEN: GOP gets all kinds of stupid with their Franken oppo research

Oh boy, have they got Al Franken on the run now.  I mean, this Senate candidacy might be over before it's even begun.

See, the Republican Party of Minnesota has put out a blistering document (h/t Wonkette) that compiles "The Facts About Al Franken."

And it's not pretty.

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Is Al Franken Worthy to Take Wellstone's Seat?

I wrote this today for Beyond Chron, San Francisco's Alternative Online Daily.

Yesterday, comedian Al Franken made it official that he will run in 2008 against Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman. There is no Republican who I want to see defeated more than Norm Coleman - who challenged the late Senator Paul Wellstone in 2002, and only won after Wellstone tragically died in a plane crash. Franken formally announced by video on his campaign website, and acknowledged that voters should be skeptical about whether a comedian could be a serious politician. He spoke from the heart about growing up in Minnesota, what issues he passionately believes in, and that Paul Wellstone was his "political hero." But it's still unclear if Franken really deserves to get Paul's Senate seat. Is it reasonable to have a media celebrity "rescue" Democrats from Norm Coleman, and is Al Franken really that progressive anyway?

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