Crawford, TX Action Planned for Easter,

Dear Friends,

Call for Volunteers and support for the upcoming events of Easter week

[Please post/distribute this widely to your networks, lists and
organizations. Thanks.]

We at The Crawford Peace House are excited about setting up Camp Casey
at Easter for a five-day action to end the war as well as a celebration
of the third anniversary of the Peace House.

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Afternoon Thread

Here are some quick hitters. Of course, you can always see Breaking Blue for more of these:So, what else in on your mind?

The Progressive Blogosphere Is NOT Punk Rock

Ok Scott, I read your post and I read about the controversy of Upper Level Bloggers vs Average Joe's.  What you all seem to be missing is that the majority of us simply want to share information.  We are, in a sense, human servers dedicated to politics and various other interests. We interact with communities which you have no connections with, we have different resources, sources, and networks.   As such we seek to be recognized when we bring something we feel is important into the discussion.  It is not every day that I send an email to one of you.  In fact I have sent a total of 5 emails to the various upper level bloggers and only one ever received an answer. It was from Chris Bowers who was kind enough to respond with some good advice.

We don't want a writing position with some godforsaken corporate interest.  We don't want to be stuffed shirt politicians.  We simply want our politicians to listen to us, the American people.  And if our Progressive Leaders won't even listen to us, what chance do we have of gaining the ear of a larger audience.  It is your responsibility, like it or not, to listen and interact.  Deal with it.

In our minds as soon as you start making money off of your audience or because of your audience, you have ceased to be a part of the revolution and have simply found yourself a niche market.  We don't want physical upward movement, we want to see advancement of our ideas, words and actions by you, the top level bloggers.

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OH Sen: Neutralizing Ohio's Netroots

I found this diary at Daily Kos.  I have heard the same story from multiple sources, so I know it is true.  Sad, but true.

Sherrod Brown's swiftboating Paul Hackett was just the latest in a long line of Rovian tactics by a supposed progressive.  Before this, Brown managed to get Ohio's most popular blogger fired just because he dared post the truth about Brown's campaign.

Awhile back, Buckeye Politics, the most popular blog in Ohio, went dark.  There was no indication why.  Here's the real story.

According to numerous sources inside and outside the campaign, Sherrod Brown directed his staff to do opposition research on a local blogger (among other folks who opposed Brown).

They turned up past legal issues on the blogger.  Then they pitched the story to every news outlet in Cleveland.  They even faxed the information to a radio station when the blogger was supposed to appear.

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The Progressive Netroots Are Mainstream

Yesterday, in a longer post about class and progressive activists, I hoped that the anger in the netroots over Paul Hackett demonstrated to the established news media are more partisan than ideological, and certainly are not hard left. Later yesterday, I wrote a post arguing that what the progressive netroots wants in Democratic candidates is also what the general public wants. Now, I would like to point out that the topics and issues the netroots focuses on are the same issues on which the general public and / or the Democratic Party is focused.

To demonstrate this point, just check out the most popular subject tags at Dailykos:
  • 1. George W. Bush (4717)
  • 2. Iraq (3482)
  • 3. Samuel Alito (1362)
  • 4. Democrats (1161)
  • 5. 2006 (1151)
  • 6. Republicans (1138)
  • 7. Dick Cheney (1121)
  • 8. Supreme Court (1079)
  • 9. Karl Rove (909)
  • 10. Congress (879)
  • 11. PlameGate (863)
  • 12. Senate (833)
  • 13. NSA (827)
  • 14. media (821)
  • 15. war (819)
  • 16. Jack Abramoff (800)
  • 17. Patrick Fitzgerald (750)
  • 18. torture (742)
  • 19. scooter libby (734)
  • 20. Hurricane Katrina (731)
  • 21. Valerie Plame(729)
  • 22. Recommended (699)
  • 23. ELECTIONS (641)
  • 24. Tom DeLay (620)
  • 25. filibuster (565)
  • 26. corruption (555)
  • 27. impeachment (545)
  • 28. Iraq War (543)
  • 29. Bush Administration (492)
  • 30. CIA (473)
Dailykos has long been the best place to go in order to get a sense of what direction the netroots are taking. What strikes me about this list is how utterly normal it is. This list shows a particular emphasis on five topics: general Bush administration, elections, Iraq, the judiciary and corruption. In the world of politics, it is difficult to get any more normal than that. Everyone knows that Iraq is the number issue on the mind of the electorate, and had been for some time. Everyone has also known for some time that Democrats are going to run on a "culture of corruption" theme. Also, talking about elections and the Bush administration is just par for the course in politics these days. Perhaps the progressive netroots are far more focused on the udciary than the electorate as a whole, but we are still nowhere near as focused on it as conservatives and the conservative netroots are.

Mainstream issues, mainstream candidates, and mainstream ideology. For all our carping about the "MSM" (and I really hope we can all dump that term), it turns out that within the world of politics, we, the progressive netroots are as mainstream as any institution comes.


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