Prediction: Democrats Will Come Around To Support Censure (Eventually)

For all of the hemming and hawing many Senate Democrats have done over the past few days, and with all of the defeatism that many online, including myself, Armando has helped snap me out of my stupor. In a recent diary, he wrote: Now, does this mean the fight is over? I say decidedly no. We must cajole, urge, fight with and plead with our Democratic Senators to do the right thing on principle and politically.

What we must NOT do is what too many in the blogs are already doing - declaring defeat; calling Dems cowards and worse; condemning them instead of cajoling them.

When we do this we declare defeat TODAY! IF we have lost already, there is no chance of success a week from now, a month from now. Senator Feingold has welcomed the fact that his resolution will be taken up in the Judiciary Committee. We should also. We should understand that only the first act of this drama has unfolded. There is more to come.

Declaring defeat NOW let's them off the hook now. It's not a question of trusting them, as one friend of mine wrote to me today. It's a question of understanding and thinking about what will be most effective in bringing pressure to bear on them in the battle to come.

I submit that declaring them a lost cause TODAY is not only not effective in this fight, it is harmful. Before we decry the defeatism of our Democratic officials it is best that we avoid it ourselves. Armando is exactly right. On the left, we have the strange habit of declaring defeat before the battle is over, while Republicans declare victory no matter what happens (see Bush, George Jr., and a blog called State, Red). Of course, Armando's words would not have the same impact on me if we were discussing a fight led by pretty much anyone else except Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin. We cannot declare defeat until this is over, and with Russ Feingold leading the charge, we would be wrong to pretty much ever declare defeat. I would like to remind everyone of a few battles he has fought in recent years:

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Why Was My Diary Deleted?

Last night, I posted an entry about the netroots and Crashing the Gate. As of this morning, it had been deleted.  My question: why?  Was it too dangerously critical?  I want an answer from whomever has the power to delete entries.  Should I expect that this entry will also be deleted?  I deserve an answer.  

-Ann Driscoll

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Jim Webb for Senate: Campaign 2.0

For the Democratic and Progressive blogosphere, Jim Webb represents Campaign 2.0 -- the purpose of this post is to tell you why, and fill you in on our plans a bit.  Jim is very interested in the netroots, and in running a different kind of campaign. This is a chance for the Democratic/progressive netroots community to really take things up a notch.

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How the Blogosphere Could Help Save Thousands of Lives

Progressive bloggers have certainly done their part in helping to raise donations for victims in the aftermath of disasters like Katrina.

But I believe bloggers could do more to help prevent foreseeable crises.

Indeed, I believe that with some effort by a few of the most popular progressive bloggers, who could serve as prominent beacons in an early-warning network, the blogosphere could make a profoundly important contribution to humanity.

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On the Failure of the Netroots

I've tried to avoid saying anything about all the squawking coming from certain interested parties who say Cuellar's primary win shows the weakness of the netroots and the new thought in Democratic campaigning.  Here's the only thing I really have to say to those who hold that opinion:

Keep thinking it.

I'll see you in 20 years.

Update [2006-3-9 19:35:30 by sethco]: The point of this post, poorly made though it may have been, was to suggest that if people - conservatives and establishment types in particular - mistake netroots campaigns as the whole package, that's good for progressives. Why? Because in the meantime, we will continue to develop new, more effective ways of promoting progressive issues, values, and candidates.

Netroots campaigning will continue to be a successful part of new campaign models, as I think John Edwards's new blog shows, as does Mark Warner's. But it won't be - and was never meant to be - the solution, but an important part of complete strategies.

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