Next Generation self organizing student walkouts

Today's high school kids are tomorrow's political leaders, and they are showing off their skills at self-organizing student walkouts. It is interesting to see what tools they are using.

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SF Pelosi Crisis - And Netroots Solution

Despite some good news, Democrats are in a crisis.  Fewer than 1 in 5 of us think Rep Nancy Pelosi is an effective leader.  It's arguably our party's biggest problem.  Where I live in the Bay Area, she is an even bigger disappointment to her constituents, who roundly booed her weak Iraq and impeachment stances at her recent Town Meeting.  

Many recent diaries document Pelosi's ineptness and passivity - now capped by her complicity in illegal spying, and her attacks on Senator Feingold's efforts to hold the president accountable for breaking the law.  What can the Netroots do?

The good news is: plenty!, cheaply, and easily - if we discard our usual preconceptions about ballots, money, and "spoiler" candidates - and only if we finally acknowledge our own potential.

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Afternoon Thread

I am in transit, and will be the rest of the day. I should be able to resume posting tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can listen to me on Wisconsin public radio discussing the potential impact of the netroots in 2008 if Senator Feingold runs for President. I am the 3/24 show, not the 3/10 show.,

In a not unrelated story, the netroots appear to have won the ruling form the FEC that we so desired.

This is an open thread.

My thoughts on IL-6

As someone who has spent a lot of time thinking about the Cegelis-Duckworth race these past few months, I was pretty shocked by the (closeness of the) result, and struggled all of yesterday with the question of how to interpret it and what to say.  I think I'll just stick with a personal narrative.

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Outspending grassroots candidates: Montana

I don't think I'm the only one who is spending today wishing they would have done more to help Christine Cegelis in IL-06. The race was close and offers many lessons moving forward. I think that pre-postmortem, worried about 2006 and crisis of faith are each right. We will never know if a strong push from the blogosphere could have made the difference, but we also need to realize that this was an early primary and we have plenty of time to refine our game before the Connecticut Primary in August.

The Montana Senate Primary is the perfect opportunity. There couldn't be clearer contrast between the Democratic candidates. One candidate is a straight talking, authentic leader who will make us proud (read about him in Crashing the Gate). The other candidate is the darling of DC,  backed because his profile fits the DC matrix: blue suit, red tie, willing to spend his own money, won't rock the boat. It isn't surprising the DLC is pushing Morrison, he impressed DC in how he landed his seat, which centered on spending $90K of his own money, allowing him to pull 50.18% of the vote by outspending his opponent 46:1. Morrison's $240,000 flooded the airwaves against the $5K his non-campaigning opponent spent, so now the DC crowd can clinck Champagne flutes for their candidate who has "proven" he can win statewide.

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