Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report

According to the most recent polling, the Republicans have become the ultimate victim of "what goes around comes around," as Democrats are now capturing the overwhelming majority of "swing" voters.

Following on the heels of risque GOP ads attacking Democrats - featuring lap dancers, hookers and phone sex girls -- the Democrats are pulling away in the polls, based on their increased popularity with wife swappers, on-line swing clubs and patrons of escort services.

As the Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll concluded: "The Blue State Party is now identified as the Party of Midnight Blue." And since swingers tend to be predominantly from the upper class, Democrats have hopes of winning over large numbers of traditionally Republican voters.


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NBC Censors MoveOn Ads That Take on Pryce & Other Far Right Loons

Earlier today a friend of mine who works at sent me an incredible ad that explains to Columbus, Ohio voters what a total doofus they have for a representative in Congress, Deborah Pryce. It's not inflammatory or even controversial and they don't even doctor her up to make her look like a physical mess the way Adam does at the DWT Art Department. It's just very factual and straightforward. Watch it: right here or go to the page that has this + similar ads informing voters about Nancy Johnson in Connecticut, Thelma Drake in Virginia and Chris Chocola in Indiana here.

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