Obama: Teleprompters vs. Experience

Obama really shouldn't speak without a teleprompter or prepared text.

Today he proved just how Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time the Junior Senator from Illinois is.  As he demonstrated during the debates, Obama just can't seem to help stepping into a big pile of his own making.

His latest flailing about with I-won't-use-nukes-with-citizens-that-is-wait-scratch-that-I'm-not-discussing-nukes debacle illustrates that he is as clueless about how a Commander-In-Chief should address the most lethal weapon in his military arsenal as he is about how to respond to a double terrorist attack or about Presidential diplomacy.

The American electorate doesn't seem to like what Obama is stepping in, either.

The three most recent national polls, taken after the last debate, show Clinton trending up and way ahead by double-double digits over her nearest rival.  As of today, Clinton trounces Obama 43(38) to 21(25) Rasmussen; 43(39) to 22(25) NBC/WSJ; and 40(34) to 21(24) Pew.

Standing in front of a teleprompter and reading a speech written by Richard Clarke isn't a terribly difficult thing to do.  Unfortunately for Obama, the American electorate knows that we live in serious times and require more from their President than a dramatic reading from a prepared text.

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NBC numbers troubling for Clinton/McCain

From MSNBC First Read:

Going inside the numbers of our poll, there's even more bad news for Clinton and McCain. Among those who are "very closely" watching the presidential campaign (about a quarter of each primary sample), Obama actually leads Clinton, 38%-31%, with Edwards at 20%. Among those "very closely" following the GOP primary (again, a quarter of the sample), Giuliani's lead shrinks to almost nothing, but the second place candidate is Thompson. In fact, among these voters, Giuliani nabs 30%, Thompson gets 28%, Romney gets 20% and -- here's the shocker -- McCain is in single digits at 9%. Does this mean that the more voters learn about the candidates, the more Clinton and McCain see their support erode? Are all their poll numbers artificially high because of name I.D. from campaigns past?"

http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/default.a spx

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The Truth about John Edwards and New Orleans

From my Katrina blog, The Wayward Episcopalian: Nathan in New Orleans:

"I am very glad that John Edwards highlights New Orleans recovery while the MSM largely ignores it, but a deeper analysis shows that sadly, Edwards is no Gulf Coast champion and neglects the issue almost as much as the media. As of today, the phrases "New Orleans,""Gulf Coast," and "Katrina" do not appear once on his campaign's issue page, blog frontpage, or homepage. In a speech last week here at Dartmouth, Edwards barely mentioned New Orleans - it only got a passing half sentence while he discussed the broader issue of poverty. In his reply to the President's State of the Union address, he does not criticize the President for failing to mention hurricane recovery, and in fact does not even mention the region himself. In post-SOU interviews, Edwards only discussed New Orleans when Cooper directly asked him about it - the issue didn't come up with King or Scarborough... For a man who brought hundreds of student volunteers to the city last spring, this neglect was shocking, unexpected, and depressing."

Visit The Wayward Episcopalian: Nathan in New Orleans for the rest. Yesterday's post dealt with Road Home program, the largest recovery failure. Other posts are reflections on time with the Episcopal Office of Disaster Response.

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Hope for a New Year Gone at 8:35 AM

People often shut me off.  They just don't want to entertain the possibilities of what I have to say.  Deep down they know it's real but denial is a very thick wall to bash through.

At 8:35 AM on NBC with Matt Lauer I heard the term MILF used in it's proper context.  Matt was not the one who said it, one of the panel members said it, some black guy.  Sorry I can't be more specific but over the years I have developed my own personal firewall against American MSM media an it's Satanic memes.  I'm glad I don't have little kids anymore asking "Hey Daddy, what's a MILF".

Seems a tad ironic though when we passed animal terrorist legislation and we want to up the prison sentences for people convicted of "hate" crimes.  What we do have though is a merger of governement and corporate.  Yes, you are free to buy stuff, consume but otherwise shut up.

It's a New Year but it only means the clock has turned, only another day in the decline of America.

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report http://satiricalpolitical.com

In a bold move reminiscent of Walter Cronkite in the Vietnam era, NBC has now officially declared that there is a civil war ... in the Iraq Study Group.

The move was announced by Matt Lauer, who was deemed qualified to opine on the subject, after his intense on-air battles with Tom Cruise.

For many months, the media had been in denial, as they continued to characterize the partisan bickering between Republicans and Democrats on the panel as low-level sectarian strife.

However, recent reports of spitballs and paper airplanes being exchanged between James Baker and Lee Hamilton, the Chair and Co-Chair, respectively, have punctured any pretense of unity.

CONTINUED at: http://satiricalpolitical.com/?p=429

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