The Other Side of Sacrifice

Yesterday, I wrote about my grandfathers and their contribution during WW2.  As I finished it, I realized that it was incomplete - only half of the story.  It is all too common that I think of only the soldiers from WW2 first and the families that stayed behind second.  Sadly, the legacy of the children and wives of the soldiers consists of far greater numbers than all of the troops that left to fight.  The people who stayed behind.  They were mothers, fathers, younger brothers and sisters, children and wives.

My two grandmothers stayed behind with their children.  The war was not kind or easy for them.  For some, their sacrifices continue to this day.

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Three grandfathers, one war.

On this Veterans Day, I remember the soldiers in my family that came before me.  They all fought in WWII.  The war took a different toll from each of them.

My mother's father.
My mother's stepfather.
My father's father.

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Why the Military Refuses to Vote for Obama [UPDATE]

This past Saturday, I had dinner with some friends. Considering that these people have a track record of being democratic, and I tend to lean more towards the right, I avoided talking about politics at all costs. However, this did not last very long due to the fact that my friend asked me what my major is, which happens to be Political Communication. Consequently, the question, "So, who are you voting for?" comes up. To my surprise, my liberal friends had told me that they are voting for McCain. There two reasons were as follows:

1. If Hillary were to become President, they were going to move to London.
2. Members of the navy had sworn to them that they would not vote for Obama solely because he will not put his hand on his heart during the national anthem.

My first instinct was to judge-is that really enough reason to not vote for a candidate? According to her and members of the navy, it is. She was invited to a dinner at the Navy Base in San Diego, where she lives. During the dinner she spoke with a few prestigious members about Obama. They told her how they would never hire a Commander in Chief who doesn't put their hand over their heart during the pledge or national anthem, and they feel the same should apply to the president. Beyond any issue they stand for, a president needs to stand by his country first. The members of the navy may not support the war themselves, but they still put their hand over their hearts to support their country and show their patriotism. They feel that there is a loss of understanding between Obama and the war. The war is a an extremely sensitive subject, not just another issue to have a certain position on. Obama should have enough respect for the troops who are putting their lives in danger just based on the fact that they are Americans.

Perhaps Obama is taking too much of a blind eye to the current situation of this country, and as a result he is losing the faith of many potential voters.

"My grandfather taught me when I was 2. During the Pledge of Allegiance, you put your hand over your heart. During the national anthem, you sing." says the Senator himself.

Well, according to the flag code, when the flag is displayed during the national anthem, all members who are not in uniform should have their hand on their heart.

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