Bloomberg, Murdoch and Top CEOs Push for Immigration Reform

Joined by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, media mogul Rupert Murdoch appeared on Fox News recently to discuss his support for immigration reform in America. The two are members of the recently created Partnership for a New American Economy, a coalition of high profile businessmen and politicians advocating for comprehensive immigration reform.

Prominent members of the partnership include the CEOs of Hewlett-Packard, Walt Disney Co., Marriot International and Boeing. The mayors of San Antonio, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Los Angeles are also part of the group.

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Quinnipiac polls (Rupert Murdoch polls?)

The latest numbers from Quinnipiac suggest biased polling data - biased sampling procedures (biased in favor of John McCain and the Republican Party).  We now learn that the Quinnipiac polls are sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, owned by Rupert Murdoch.


It used to be possible to rely on Quinnipiac University polling, but that era may now be past, if Quinnipiac is going to bend its sampling procedures to suit the owner of the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, Rupert Murdoch.

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Murdoch - Obama will beat McCain

Color me surprised but Rupert Murdoch, yes the newscorp/faux news Rupert Murdoch, has apparently stated he believes Obama will defeat McCain and is looking forward to meeting Obama.

He also flatly states McCain has a lot of problems.

(heres the link: en/ ml)

(I apologize for my novice linking skills in advance).

Now Ive been highly suspicious before when any rightwing nutbag comes out for either of the dem candidates, and I should be just as skeptical here, but for some reason I find this interesting.

Not necessarily for Rupert's assertion on Obama, it was widely known he and Hillary were making nice and most likely Rupert now sees the winds shifting in the dem party and wants to get on the, presumptive, winning bandwagon.  He is after all a business man and he wants to cozy up to the winning side (and note: I do not mean this statement as a slam against Hillary in any way, I just see it as Rupert reading the lay of land).

But Im equally, if not more, shocked that he would openly admit McCain is flawed and has a lot of problems.

This has to be a serious blow to McCain (as Im not ready to say this is good for Obama).  To have the owner of the republican news network openly dis their candidate is pretty staggering.

All that said, screw faux news.  Just wanted to get that in there at the end.

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Kos Race Baiting Hits NY Post

Kos has done more damage to the democratic party than any individual
in this primary season.

Like Leiberman, if he doesn't get his way, he will do or say anything.
He doesn't care who gets hurt in the process.

Kos candidate lost key states.  Kos will get even.
Even if it drives a wedge between the democratic party and their black
constituents - that could cripple us in the general election.
Unless Kos candidate, Obama is elected, of course.

I want to start with the most important bit of news.

"The independent website "" analyzed claims by Daily Kos,
that Hillary Clinton's camp had darkened Obama's picture, or video, in order
to make him 'blacker", and determined the claims are "unsubstantiated"." did_clinton_darken_obamas_skin.html

Now the worst bit of news:

Yesterday, I was on the subway to work.  An elderly black man was reading
Murdoch's tabloid, NY Post.  He turned to a page with 2 photos similar to
photos in a Daily Kos recommended Diary:
"March 5, 2008 -- A prominent left-wing Web site is questioning whether Hillary
Rodham Clinton's campaign is playing the race card - by darkening the tone of
 Barack Obama's skin in a new TV attack ad."

Propaganda from dKos is so useful to Republicans, that Murdoch is
giving it wings.

I was so irritated, I tapped the old gentleman on the shoulder and began ranting.  He chuckled politely and continued reading.

Kos was pleased with the race baiting diary. He used it as base for a prominent feature article, "Obama "blacker" ad no accident." 4345/50395/126/469746

As I stated in an early diary, I work in video and there are any number of technical reasons for the darkness and horizontal stretch.  Formats are all over the place now, and changing from one format to another, can cause dramatic change- the stretch could be compensation by a less experienced artist- or simply designer aesthetic call to fill out the area.

The OBVIOUS reason the stretch wasn't a conspiracy is  that it is actually FLATTERING.   It gives Obama's face maturity and symmetry.  He looks "Hollywood handsome."  If the reverse process had occured, Kos would complain that Hillary made him look like a 17 year old wuss.

Desaturation is standard for enhancing bad video to give it a film quality, as is
enriching the blacks.  The quality of the shot is 100% improved in what Kos
claims to be "the Clinton" version.

The best response to Kos turned up late yesterday: cuss/duboard.php?az=show_mesg&forum= 132&topic_id=4919262&mesg_id=491 9262

Today, there is a diary in Daily kos about the Factcheck conclusion.  
Of course, the diary  is disingenous and weakly reports the Factheck
response.  It is immeidately refuted by the usual Kos sycophants, using
a strong negative response followed by a sockpuppet staircase
so that differing opinions get lost way down below. /6/02123/27986/649/470232

If HRC is our candidate, Kos is doing his best to see that black people will
either not vote, or will vote for McCain.

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Hillary Clinton Will Do Anything To Win

A video put together with Obama's South Carolina radio ad discussing how Hillary Clinton will do anything to win. tM

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