News Brats - Are We Helpless to Stop Them?

Keith Olbermann has become quite the prima donna.

Viewers tuning in a few moments early to the MSNBC debate,
were treated to Olbermann in a psychotic rant.
The righteous posture he adapts to go after right wing criminals like
Libby, Abramoff, and Cheney.

But this was no scandal du jour.  The words of hatred were being hurled
at a law abiding democrat.  Her sin?  Running for public office.
Who in just minutes, would be engaged in a national debate on
Olbermann's own channel.

A worthy democratic candidate being publically stoned
and persecuted.  Why?  Because they can.

I can't comment on the ritual post debate vilification of Clinton,
because I don't have the stomach to watch them anymore.

I was just happy that for the first time, NBC finally conducted a
balanced debate that wasn't calculated to hurt Clinton and throw her
off her game.

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Second Debate Thread

Here's another thread for you to discuss the debate.

Update [2008-2-26 22:19:47 by Jonathan Singer]: I've got to say, even though it was defused a bit towards the end of this second segment, that Hillary Clinton would stoop to making insinuations about Barack Obama being anti-Semitic or not sufficiently denouncing anti-Semites is really beyond the pale to me, just totally unacceptable. There can be attacks in this primary, and the candidates can disagree on issues. But I am just shocked that Clinton would stoop so low to make such insinuations. I am somewhat appalled, both as a Democrat and a Jewish American.

Update [2008-2-26 22:21:48 by Todd Beeton]:Did Obama just call himself a "supposed liberal?"

Update [2008-2-26 22:32:57 by Todd Beeton]:Obama had a great answer on what vote he would take back re Terry Schiavo. "Sometimes inaction can be as costly as action."

Update [2008-2-26 22:32:57 by Todd Beeton]:On "what question does Hillary Clinton need to answer...?" Obama isn't taking the bait, instead taking the high road. He's wisely instead talking about why he should be the nominee. Will Clinton use her answer to have another "moment" or to draw some blood?

Update [2008-2-26 22:43:37 by Todd Beeton]:Senator Obama often looked uncomfortable to me up there when not answering. Didn't really project the confidence I'm used to him projecting at the debates lately. Of course while Clinton may have looked more confident and more presidential, several of her lines didn't really work, and Obama's taking the high road may have come off better ultimately. But she certainly appeared to be the very image of the fighter she says she is, not sure it helped her though.

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MSNBC Debate Thread

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are going to debate on MSNBC beginning at 9pm EST. You can watch it online HERE. Jonathan is Twittering the debate HERE.

Also, once it's over, don't miss our post-debate MyDD Blog Talk Radio wrap-up.

You know what to do...

Update [2008-2-26 21:22:23 by Todd Beeton]:Fairly good health care debate. Clinton did a good job of explaining better the differences between their plans but still didn't explain exactly how Obama's healthcare flier is rife with right-wing Harry & Louise fear-mongering.

Clinton's aside about always getting the first question was a bit odd.

Update [2008-2-26 21:35:52 by Todd Beeton]:Is anyone else having trouble with this MSNBC feed?

Hillary Clinton is gaining steam here as we round the corner into the second half of the first hour. I like that she keeps talking about things in terms of what she's done or is doing in the senate: "I'm not just talking about it, I'm..." That's a good rhetorical device against Obama.

Update [2008-2-26 21:59:44 by Todd Beeton]:Hillary Clinton: "I'm a fighter." One of her best selling points, especially against Obama.

Update [2008-2-26 22:7:38 by Todd Beeton]:I like when Obama gets riled up, whether it be because he's challenged by Clinton or one of the questioners. He's gotten much better at defending himself without appearing defensive. It also shows he has a fire in his belly, which he often seems to make an effort to suppress.

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Second Democratic Debate Thread

The first thread's getting pretty full, use this as an alternate thread to follow the Dem debate on MSNBC.

Update [2008-1-15 22:1:12 by Jonathan Singer]: This segment of the debate -- the candidates asking one another question -- is much needed. I understand that campaigns, both in primaries and generals, have been reluctant to allow such segments in debates past. But this is a great addition to the debate, and I certainly hope to see it more, both in the Democratic primaries this year and hopefully in the general election as well.

Update [2008-1-15 22:3:50 by Jonathan Singer]: As I say that, Clinton shows the problem with this format -- a candidate not asking a question but rather giving a speech. I still generally think this is a good addition, however...

Update [2008-1-15 22:8:40 by Todd Beeton]:I think Obama had his best moment of the debate during his answer to Clinton's question. He's finally getting a little animated. Usually, his answers are so slowly thought out, that his personality gets lost, which is one of the reasons debates are usually not his strong suit. So far tonight Hillary's personality has dominated this debate, glad to see he's beginning to assert his own.

Update [2008-1-15 22:8:40 by Todd Beeton]:I'm really glad Hillary is starting to criticize the Republican presidential candidates, tying them to Bush on Iraq, particularly bringing up McCain's comment that he would keep troops in Iraq for 100 years. I'd like to see more of this.

Update [2008-1-15 22:36:3 by Jonathan Singer]: I don't know if it's going to swing Hispanic votes, but Obama handled the question about divisions between Hispanics and African-Americans significantly more deftly and smoothly than did Clinton.

Update [2008-1-15 22:53:23 by Jonathan Singer]: Some fireworks in the waning minutes of this debate. Clinton does not back down from comments that the moderator characterizes as fear-mongering, Obama hits her on it -- and says that it's that type of judgment that helped lead us into the Iraq War.

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NV Judge: Kucinich Must Be Allowed In MSNBC Debate

Dennis Kucinich was originally invited to participate in tomorrow's MSNBC Las Vegas debate but then Iowa and New Hampshire voted, giving him 0% and 1% of the vote, respectively, so MSNBC rescinded the invitation. Kucinich then proceeded to slap MSNBC with a lawsuit demanding that he be allowed to participate, citing his eligibility for matching funds, his strong stances on the war and universal healthcare as well as his solid performance in several online polls as evidence that he is indeed a serious candidate and should be allowed to participate in Tuesday's debate.  

Whaddyaknow, he won.

A judge in Nevada has just ordered MSNBC to include Rep. Dennis Kucinich in Tuesday's Democratic Party presidential debate in Las Vegas or he will cancel the forum.

Senior Clark County District Court Judge Charles Thompson vowed to issue an injunction halting the nationally televised debate if MSNBC failed to comply. Kucinich had filed a lawsuit seeking to be included just this morning.

The judge ruled it was a matter of fairness and Nevada voters would benefit from hearing from more than just Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama.

I can only assume MSNBC will comply.

Update [2008-1-15 0:6:26 by Todd Beeton]:Or not. NBC is appealing to the Nevada Supreme Court.

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