The right is "protecting" its kids from reality.  Only "G" rated movies should be released so those "innocent" children won't be exposed to vulgar, liberal thought and "dirty" words.  They are protected from hearing the "F" word in religious studies at their parochial school environment.  Thank GOD!  All they have to worry about is the priest molesting them.  (But that will be kept secret until they reach maturity.

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A Film Invitation for MyDD Readers

Note: This has nothing to do with politics. But it is an invitation to MyDD readers to see a free movie this week.

Some of you may have read that Joe Trippi is helping with the promotion of the forthcoming film Peaceful Warrior, starring Nick Nolte.

I'm giving Joe a hand with this, and we wanted to let you know that there are free advance screenings of the film taking place this week for bloggers in Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Phoenix.

Details on the screenings and the film after the flip.

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v for vindicated

we saw 'v for vendetta' yesterday, and were pleased with the film.

without giving much away, we will say that, for a comic-book movie, it had a breadth and depth, a complexity and nuance, that we weren't expecting.

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Vendetta: Governments Should Be Afraid of Their People

(Cross posted on my blog,

Go see "V for Vendetta." There are some that am sure will charge that the movie is too this, too that... that it is heavy handed... that it is not faithful in some way to the original vision, etc., etc., etc... However, "V for Vendetta" is worth seeing because it unabashedly addresses the concerns of our times and it asks us to take some part in the blame for letting it all happen -- simply because we were afraid. (Of course, many in this community, especially in this beautifully Liberal community, stopped being afraid a long time ago... but not all of our fellow citizens have managed to shed the fear.)

I simply loved this line from Vendetta: People shouldn't be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people. Now, no one, of course, is advocating violence in any form, but symbolically, the dark hero of this movie is right on... for far too long we've been afraid of what we'll be charged with: un-American, un-Patriotic, an opportunist merely seeking to position oneself for a presidential run in 2008 -- think Feingold, and the shit with which his courageous and CORRECT stand has been met with by some that are still afraid. At any rate, here we have a movie that comes dangerously close, given our times and the paranoia that still lingers in some circles, to advocating a storming of the castle, en masse... err, should I say, a Crashing of the Gates, as it were (and, frankly, it suggests that we, The People, do a lot more than just batting down some gates).

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v for very stupid

cross-posted at skippy as well as a literal cornucopia of other community blogs.

we have wondered elsewhere how long it would take the hardly-ever-right wing to get the vapors over the upcoming film "v for vendetta" starring bald natalie portman and the wonderful hugo weaving (agent smith in the matrix triology).

the answer: not long at all. even before the film has opened, tucker (i hardly knew 'er) carlson had michael medved on his show to wax self-righteously about this movie.

medved, you will remember, is the man who was right once in his life, but that doesn't stop him from collecting checks for spouting nonsense on screeching heads cable shows.

we discuss his beady little point of view after the jump:

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