People. People Who Don't Need People

For the 21st time, People Magazine has published its Most Beautiful People list. And, once again, the editors have proven how journalistically vacuous they truly are.

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The Dark Knight: It's All True

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Make no mistake: Heath Ledger is the star of The Dark Knight.

Everything you've heard about his performance is true, and then some; no amount of hype could possibly prepare an audience for the singular genius and perfection that is Ledger's swan song -- rightly characterised by many as on a par with James Dean's and, I would argue, far more deserving of its elevation to one of the finest performances in film history.

And forget about adding any caveats about his death upping the Ledger-Love Quotient; if he'd lived, the man would be receiving just as much attention and just as much adulation for this Herculean acting accomplishment. The tragedy of his untimely death adds only melancholic pain to the experience. That someone with such a gift, presaged by his performance in Brokeback Mountain and reaching a premature apotheosis in The Dark Knight, so obviously capable of so much, should have been wrenched away at such a moment is almost too much to bear.

News of Ledger's death upset me when it came; on seeing his name in the final credits (which elicited a deserved standing ovation from the Sunday afternoon crowd), I burst into sobs. As is so often the case, I wept not for him, but for myself -- what a desolation, what a horrifying loss. For anyone who treasures and reveres the art of acting, the closing credits of The Dark Knight will inevitably provide the background to at least a few minutes of sincere sadness.

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This diary is for the Hillary supporters

Once again the Obama campaign and the MSM is loudly trumpeting the inevitability of his win. But, February is over and now we go back to our home field. They picked up delegates in the usual caucus states as was expected and soon they will be braying in their loud donkey voices for Hillary to step down and the anointment of the chosen one to begin. This drum-beat will only grow louder and louder in the coming days even as they ignore her winning performance in the debate. But, I have one thing to say to the Clintonistas:

Hold Fast.

I don't know if many of you saw 'Master and Commander' the movie with Russell Crowe. In it he played a sea captain named Jack Aubry who was renowned for his fighting spirit. At the start of the film he was surprised and almost defeated by a newer, faster, much larger ship manned by a talented, hungry young captain. After narrowly escaping his crew set about rebuilding and recuperating from their losses. When trying to figure out what to do many of his crew said that the other ship was far too powerful for them to defeat and that they should retreat to England. But the captain wouldn't hear of it. He wasn't a legend because he would run away but for never losing the final battles. They would fight. Using every opportunity and all of his experience he eventually was able to outsmart his foe and take the spoils in the end.

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I Am Legend

2011: I stare at a wasteland. Where once there was free speech and equality there is now only group-think and empty streets. It started as a seemingly good thing but the Obama virus soon spread out of control, decimating all free thought in its wake. Now I stand alone. The last surviving Hillary supporter on Earth.

Excerpts from the last known radio transmissions made by the Psychotronicman:

*I take careful aim with my bow and arrow at some squirrels in the park. I have had no luck finding any guns since the Obama virus blended with the Reagan virus and burned the constitution and all guns were destroyed. I hope that I will be able to find a hidden cache someday so that my hunt for fresh food will become easier. Sadly my recent search of Charlton Heston's abandoned house turned up no guns.

*It is early morning and I drag myself out of bed to face yet another day with only my dog to talk reasonable politics with. The loneliness is crushing. I continue to transmit a message on my short-wave radio. "I haven't forgotten about you." along with detailed instructions to meet me at the local Hometown Buffet at 12 noon everyday in what is seeming to be the vain hope that, somehow, someone else survived the devastation.

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Box office hits, misses of 2006

A * by the film means it's still in the theatres.
All information from (U.S/Canada box office)

Top wide release hits (As of Jan 7/2007)

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest $423,315,812
  2. Cars 244,082,982 3,988
  3. X-Men: The Last Stand 234,362,462
  4. The Da Vinci Code Sony 217,536,138
  5. Superman Returns 200,081,192

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