Well-Behaved Queers Never Make History

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When I recently read about this latest wave of Obama supporters telling LGBT people to "STFU" over homophobic minister Rick Warren delivering the President-Elect's inaugural invocation, I became disturbed. Why must queer pepple simply shut up & act like bigotry is OK if it's done in a "unifying" way?

But then, I realized something. It's not enough for us to keep complaining about something that may or may not change. No, instead we need to get up & speak out. We must be loud, be proud, and raise some holy hell until we win our civil rights.

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Pushing President Obama

The Obama Presidency approaches. Senator Clinton's admirably pugnacious effort to win the nomination has milked the opposition of the succor that would have nourished their autumn offensive. Republicans and conservatives may be adopting an aloof posture, as though the heated competition for the nomination is helping them, but it is not. Senator Obama's few "issues" have been discussed, dissected, and deliberated ad infinitum.

He will win the nomination, after a heated primary (as FDR did in 1932); he will win the Presidency in a surprising blowout (as FDR did in 1932); but FDR instituted the New Deal not because he had planned for it, but to capitalize on electoral success and address growing class rage.

If President Obama feels no pressure to push the country leftward, he will have no incentive to do so, because moving to the Left is by definition the riskiest thing a modern American politician can do: it activates the forces of organized money and unifies the geographically and ideologically disparate forces of conservatism.

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Media Project: Need Help

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Hi, everyone.

I infrequently post here, and usually to Breaking Blue, so I don't know how many of you are going to see this. I have been thinking for a while now that one of the things that'd be a really useful tool for the liberal, progressive and Democratic movements (I consider all three to be different, although not necessarily discrete or distinct) is a site listing all the publications, major and minor, relating to our movement and to politics, along with submissions guidelines.

More on TEH FL1P! (Sorry, feeling very internet humourish today.)

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The Liberal's Guide to Your City - welcoming newcomers and bolstering local progressive groups

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If you live in a major metropolitan area, chances are that there's a large transient population - students, young professionals, living-out-of-a-hotel consultants, etc.  This population is a significant challenge to local political organizations: they're not likely to be interested in local politics, they're probably too busy getting settled to get involved in politics, and even if they do join your group, they're likely to leave town in the not-too-distant future.

Local political groups and affiliated organizations can turn this challenge into an opportunity by writing guides to their city from a liberal perspective.  Such a guide will not only welcome newcomers to the city, but will have many tangible benefits for the groups who put it together.

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Why we need a liberal book club and how to build one - Part 2

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A liberal book club is an important piece of a larger strategy in developing a liberal media ecosystem.  As I discussed in yesterday's post (cross-posted at MyDD and DailyKos), a liberal book club would probably take the form of a business similar to the BMG CD club, and would yield many concrete advantages for the liberal movement, including lowering the barrier of entry to the liberal movement, raising more money for liberals, partnerships with grassroots liberal groups, etc.

Today, I'd like to focus on how some aspiring liberal entrepreneur could build a liberal book club.  As I wrote yesterday, these ideas are explicitly meant for someone to steal.  I'd be all too happy to see someone take my ideas and run with them, copying them into a business plan or venture capital proposal if that's necessary. If you think you'd like to get this idea off the ground, then please jump in, and let me know if you could use some help or ideas.  I must admit I'm not the entrepreneurial sort really, but I very much want to see a liberal book club develop, and the sooner the better.

Also, some disclaimers - I'll readily admit that I don't know that much about the book business.  Most importantly, I'm not sure how to solve the central problem of starting a liberal book club - getting a large supply of cheap books.  My guess is that you strike a bargain for bulk purchases with some supplier, or perhaps with the publisher directly.  As you may have guessed, this post is not a fully formed perfect business plan, just a rough sketch.  If you have suggestions for improvement, I'd love to hear them!

Keeping all that in mind, follow me over the flip for some free ideas about selling books...

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