Is Hot Air Good or Bad for America? What's Your Gut Reaction?

There is a lot of hot air around lately. Scientists tell us that 2006 (first half) has been the warmest ever for the US, but what do they really know? The expression, boy it's hot as hell today, uttered by people a couple thousand years ago doesn't really tell us how hot it was or their definition of hell was the same as ours today! OK, maybe global temps were precipitously rising when Jesus was walking this Earth. Maybe that's why he talked about Rapture [that's the end of the world for those who don't know] occurring within the life time of his followers! If Jesus was wrong on this, the scientists can be wrong about everything! Our planet [or maybe it's not a planet after all but the center of the universe instead!] has gone through cycles before and all has pretty much adjusted fine.

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