Well, At Least, He's Not a Birther

In an interview with Larry Kudlow on CNBC Tuesday, former Massachusetts Governor and third place finisher in the 2008 GOP presidential primaries Mitt Romney said he thought there were legitimate reasons to want Mr. Obama out of the White House - but that "birther"-inspired claims were not credible. Romney emphasized "I think the citizenship test has been passed."

Kudos to Mitt Romney for being so forceful at the risk of alienating himself from the not insignificant in numbers birther wing of the GOP.

Romney, who announced earlier in the week that he had formed an exploratory committee, did take the President to task over the economy giving a foretaste of how he plans to frame his campaign strategy.

"Look, when it comes to the economy, the president has been incompetent," Romney told Kudlow. "He just hasn't done what is necessary to get Americans back to work. You've got roughly 20 million Americans who stopped looking for jobs or can't find work, and that's inexcusable in a nation that's as productive and innovative as this nation."

"Overwhelmingly, his people come from academics and from politics," Romney continued, of the president's staffing choices. "He doesn't...he doesn't have the confidence in the private sector people that you need to give him the help on the economy that he needs."

When asked about the health care reform bill he enacted while serving as governor of Massachusetts, Romney reiterated his standard line of defense on the issue.

"One thing I learned is this, which is that you don't take ideas from a state and try to impose them on a whole nation," he said.

Mitt Romney, the new Republican Frontrunner

As a Republican Obama supporter, I am having the best of both worlds because Mitt is the new republican frontrunner having won two gold and two silvers.  With Mitt's economic conquests and financial sagacity or with Obama's vision and courage, the United State of America would be in good hands come January 2009.  Either with "Business Savvy Mitt Romney or Courageously Inspirational Barack Obama" God Bless the USA.

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Mitt rooting for Obambi!!!! (With a fun poll)

Rumors have it that Mitt Romney circle of advisers are rooting for a big Obama win. They contend that if Obama can attract a huge swath of the independents votes they might be able to strangle John Mcain and eke out a victory. Well, it's no longer a rumor. This morning on CNN Bay Buchanan made it clear that they are quietly rooting for Obama and would be happy if the independents votes swing his way during the primary suggesting that come election time they would return under the Republican tent.

Yeaahh! Obama going to get most of the independent votes but she's wrong with her insinuation about the general election. Hey can't blame her, she wants her man to win.

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Romney national fiance co-chair indicted!

Lost amid the Ames Strawpoll activity today, Mitt Romney's campaign has announced the resignation of its national finance committee co-chairman, Alan B. Fabian, who was indicted in Maryland for "allegedly shady business dealings." Romney will return Fabian's $2,300 campaign contribution.

"Federal prosecutors have charged Fabian with defrauding companies out of $32 million. He was indicted Wednesday by a Maryland grand jury on 23 counts, including mail fraud, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice, according to the Baltimore U.S. attorney's office."

http://politicalwire.com/archives/2007/0 8/11/indicted_romney_finance_cochair_res igns.html

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New Non Profit Interested In Your Opinion - Citizens for Civil Discourse

Citizens for Civil Discourse (CCD), a newly formed non partisan non profit (501 c3), is interested in your opinion.

CCD's mission is to elevate and restore civil political discourse in the US.

There are many ways to do so and countless tactics.

CCD is thinking about focusing on giving you, the voter, control over the political conversation, rather than the politician.

To do this, CCD will create content and tools to allow US voters to control the political conversation.

Instead of politicians controlling the conversation by sending us (the voter) messages via phone, email, and direct mail we will control this via:

1) A national do not contact registry for political communications.

This registry would allow the you, the voter to tell politicians:

- Who you want to hear from
-- Example: Hillary or Rudy

- How you would like to hear from them
-- Example: Email but NOT via phone

- When you would like to hear from them
-- Example: Monday at 10 AM

- What you would like to hear about
-- Example: The War; education; energy; gun rights; gun control

Learn more at: http://thinkdodone.typepad.com/ccd/

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