Imus Receives Two Week Suspension

NBC News President Steve Capus released this statement late Monday: "Beginning Monday, April 16, MSNBC will suspend simulcasting the syndicated `Imus in the Morning' radio program for two weeks. This comes after careful consideration in the days since his racist, abhorrent comments were made. Don Imus has expressed profound regret and embarrassment and has made a commitment to listen to all of those who have raised legitimate expressions of outrage. In addition, his dedication -- in his words -- to change the discourse on his program moving forward, has confirmed for us that this action is appropriate. Our future relationship with Imus is contingent on his ability to live up to his word."
So he's not axed, but a measure has been taken. A progressive probably would have just been axed. When it does return, I wonder how long it will be before he makes the remark that gets him fired.

Blog Against Sexism Day 2007 - Highlights

Anyone seen any excellent posts in honor of Blog Against Sexism Day (aka International Women's Day)?    The point is for blogs that are not normally focused on feminist issues to spend one day attending to women, sexism, and gender issues.  Haven't seen anything yet on Kos and MyDD so here goes.

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O'Reilly: Rape, murder victim was "wearing a miniskirt and a halter top.

Saw this on DailyKos

We live in a culture that condones rape as nothing more than men letting out their sexual desires, because it's part of our evolutionary psychology or something like that, you know man is the hunter and is a natural rapist. Last time that argument was brought forth to justify rape, it was rightfully attacked as nothing more than an excuse for rapists. But my friends, this is lower than low.

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