Dear Editors

Reprinted with permission from the author.

Dear Editors:

I would like to respectfully point out that the mainstream media is missing a huge aspect of what is offensive about Rev. Wright's message.

I'm a woman, and like every woman I've discussed this with, I was astounded by the Rev. Wright's assertion that women have never had to work twice as hard to prove themselves, have never been considered less than persons, have never suffered any discrimination at all. He says Hillary Clinton "fits the mold" of a U.S. President because she's white.

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Misogyny 101 For Women

Did you know that women could be raging, misogynist jerks, too?

Well, they can be! Even though this ironically proves that women are fully capable of doing jobs often considered the exclusive domain of men. The only caveat is that you have to pretend you're stupid. But come on, we're women; all too many of us had an MA in pretending we were stupid by the age of 12.

(Hey misogynist guys, question for you ... Would you find it more disturbing if you discovered that your female SO was faking climax or that she was secretly wicked smart? Hmmmmm. I digress.)

Yet, like being a Black conservative, being a female misogynist can land you some really lucrative, high-profile, media and foundation gigs. Since I am nothing if not interested in helping other women compete equally with men in the job market, I've helpfully pulled together a guide to woman-bashing for women, below the fold.

Ooh, and huge thanks to my super empowered Sisters whose recent writings made this task so easy that even a woman could knock it out in an afternoon ;D LOL! Shall we get on with it, girls ...

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Angry at Sexism and Misogyny in Election

I know I speak for many people when I say I am so angry and frustrated with all the sexism and misogyny of this presidential campaign. It is horrible the way a woman candidate running for president is being treated by the media, by Obama supporters, and by Wingnuts. It is ugly and it is unforgivable.

Judith Timson has a good piece on this in the Globe and Mail:

A glaring double standard

For every 'presidential' and 'charismatic' bestowed on Barack Obama, there are 10 adjectives commentators have used to put down the way Hillary Clinton dresses, talks and emotes. Call this what it is - blatant sexism

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For All the SUPER Women

For Robin Morgan, who's toiled for decades for women's rights ... more from her below.

For Erica Jong, whose brave, bold and highly creative writings have inspired women for decades ... more from her too below.

For Alegre, who works every day, raises beautiful children, makes time for her friends, and works her heart out every minute she can spare for the campaign -- who tonight found the time to fashion this remarkable diary about women and the still-rampant sexism that, sadly, most middle-aged white men like Chris Matthews think is old news (but we women know all too well that it's still alive and that it still HURTS and demeans and humiliates us):  

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'90's Misogyny Rehashed

Obama has chosen to adopt and nurture the love child of the Rovian right-wing machine:  Hillary Clinton as polarizing uber-bitch.

The most disturbing part of Obama's willingness to embrace this crown jewel of the Rovian media machine, is his seeming indifference to the misogynistic roots of these stereotypical characterizations.

Substantively, it is impossible to disentangle the right-wing's demonization of Clinton from the gender bias of those demonizations.

Are we then to conclude that Obama concurs with the right's characterization of strong, smart, independent women as polarizing?  Or, is he just willing to play this card because it might serve him well in becoming President.

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