I Know I'm Going to Get Ripped to Shreds for This

I'm going to do it anyway. I sent this to my candidate today:

Dear Senator Clinton,

I have been reading today that you will hold a rally in NY tomorrow night that will be a pivotal moment in your campaign. There are many rumors circulating and much speculation about what will occur. I understand if you are going to suspend your campaign. I will be elated if you continue your campaign. I would like to ask you to consider the following, however. As a feminist and a woman with two daughters I would ask you not to endorse Senator Obama.

I realize that as a Democrat the conventional wisdom is that you must endorse him to be seen as a team player. The fact is that your team has benched you. Your supporters see this and we are appalled. We have watched as the media and the pundits and your own opponent, a fellow Democrat for crying out loud, have insulted and belittled you time and again. We have watched as the leaders of your party remained silent in the face of the most egregious misogyny. The excuse given when cries of sexism erupted was always "it's not about women, it's about her," as if that made it ok.

The fact is that when Senator Obama dismissed a female reporter with his "sweetie" comment and the boyz with him snickered he showed his true colors, and demonstrated once and for all that the "it's just Hillary" argument is false. I am extremely worried about the fall out of this campaign in terms of what will now be acceptable behavior toward women who compete in traditionally male arenas.

My daughter, as the only natural born citizen in our Canadian immigrant family always used to say "I'm the only one in the family who can be President. I guess I'll have to do it." It was adorable to hear her say that when she was four and five years old and I never doubted that if that was what she wanted, that was what she could do. I doubt it now.

If you choose to fight this all the way, I am behind you. I will be happy to spend the summer fighting the good fight here in Washington state or wherever I would be effective. What I will not do is cast a vote for Senator Obama, period. I will also not cast a vote for anyone who has endorsed him. I will happily go to the polls and vote for any downballot Democrat who has endorsed you. I will write in your name on my ballot if that is allowed in my state, but I will never tick the box next to the name of a man who has condoned and benefitted from the demeaning and subdugation of American women.



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Forward the Unf**kables!

Update:I received an email from someone claiming to be Michael Wolff pointing out that I use 'Richard' several times in this essay. Ooops! He got me! Chalk it up to a bad pain day. Most of you know I'm usually vigilant when it comes to details like this - but sometimes, when the pain gets really bad, the back of my brain takes over. I was thinking about the TV pundit Richard Wolff (the Wolff I know best). It just came out - and for that I am sorry. If I'm eviscerating the man - I should at the very least get his name right! So thank you MICHAEL Wolff for the correction. That took courage.

A few weeks ago I read an article in Vanity Fair that really scorched my shorts.  I was so pissed off, I had to think about it a while - let it simmer, so to speak - see if the pot came to full boil.  Well it did.  I'd say I'm well and truly `boiled' now.  In fact - the more I think about it the `prime-ier' I get.  Why this particular diatribe?  Out of the encyclopedia of `I Hate Hillary's' littered like smashed walnuts on the side of the road - why did this pop my kettle?  The complete and utter denigration and dismissal of women in general.  Call it the final straw - the last nail in the coffin - one insult too far.  You see - Michael Wolff has declared us over 50 types unfuckable - and you know what that means: invisibility to the point of shunning (he even uses that word!).  Guess we can all go home now girls - at least those of us in what the opposite gender sees as peri-(pathetic) menopause.  We are now officially invisible - except for Hillary, of course.  She's still out there - plugging away - but it's only a matter of time.  She's fading - shrinking towards germ status (with any male handy the prescribed antibiotic).  The estimable and oh so quip worthy Mr. Wolff has pronounced her persona non grata, so - behold the unfuckable woman!

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Misogyny and bias: a provocative question

I have a genuine question related to the rationale behind some claims often made on this site.

If Hillary Clinton is losing to a no-good lame much inferior lightweight candidate now because of the relentless media bias against her and the misogyny of the elites and part of the voters, what exactly would change between now and November that would make her more electable against another much inferior male candidate who is also a media darling ?

No snark. No insults to each other.
Floor is yours.

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McCain slanders Chelsea, gets votes from Clinton supporters?!?!

Oh, yeah! what a treat to come to a Democratic site and find all these so-called feminists professing their desire to vote for John McCain! what a brilliant, astute, feminist choice to make!

So, for all those McCain supporters, here's John McCain's wonderful feminist view of women and children.

This is YOUR new candidate in action:

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
Because Janet Reno is her father."

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Republicans ARE the party of ideas.[Update]

I want to write this diary to express my deepest apologies to Barack Obama. When he was pandering to Republicans and Independents by praising Reagan and the Republican Party as being the party of ideas I was really upset.

IMO the ideas that Republicans have had were and are distaster for the country. But today I've learned that I was wrong and Barack Obama was right.  

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