Sunday morning and I am getting more depressed...

OK. As we look at the alarming crisis that BP and the oil industry has brought us to, as we evaluate the amount of military spending we are pouring into the middle east for no evident return (and as we consistently apologize for killing innocent civilians with airborne missiles), as we observe politicians and lobbyists letting payoffs and focused fundraising deny the needs of voters in favor of the needs of corporations, as we see the Supreme Court gradually eliminate generations of civil rights achievements, we are getting more and more convinced that making a change in America... indeed in the whole world... is getting less and less possible.


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Sexism: The mother of all 'isms'.

Sexism is the 'gateway 'ism'', that makes all other 'isms' possible.  It precedes all other forms of discrimination, setting the example that there are some people that view others as inferior and they use brutality upon them.  What I mean by that is that because our family and society models are built around the model of inequality, injustice and brutality - we accept that behavior as normal.  So, too is racism, classism, speciesism and any other oppression by one group toward another.  The behaviors of sexism are the behaviors of bullying, injustice, intolerance and cruelty.

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National Lampoons McCain '08

This isn't much of a diary, I realize as much.  The Diary Police can sue me!

I had to share what I just witnessed on CNN's Campbell Brown.  She was covering the latest brilliant move from Camp McCain, the amazing traveling "Joe the Plumber Bus Tour".  If I were at all a lucky person, this train-wreck would come south. Unfortunately for the rest of the country, this is a treat meant only for Ohio.  

I honestly didn't catch the whole segment; until the end, I was only half listening.  I saw "Joe" speaking to a handful of people at some dumpy bar, declaring his intent to vote for "real Americans".  Nice!  What a gig!  

As the the piece ended, going back to Campbell Brown, she said something like, "Joe on his bus tour." With a very nice smile, Brown looks into the camera and softly says, "Yeah, seriously." I died laughing.  Good for her!

What a joke this has become!  My skin crawls when I see Palin and McCain speak; not like a creepy crawl, its more like toe-curling embarassment.  I honestly experience the feeling of embarassment - sort of like I might seeing a 300 lbs. woman wearing a size four belly shirt.  

I appreciated Brown's moment of honesty.  Its so difficult sometimes watching the news; the talking heads taking all of this so seriously.

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