the older white-haired fellow who was obviously too afraid of his opponent to look him in the eye.

McCain campaign on McCain:
"There was one man who was presidential tonight, that man was John McCain."

Let's see ... McCain never looked at Obama during the debate.

Not looking at your opponent is "presidential?"

This very much was the "don't talk to your enemies - don't look them in the eye" foreign policy expert practicing his "presidential" craft for a nationwide audience.

McCain campaign continues:

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Coulter......and Chicanos

To be somewhat charitable to the Bush administration, the symbolism and mythology of their behavior is to recognize that "spin" or "lies" have played an important role in the marketing for the Invasion of Iraq and the attendant discourse that has and continues to follow this overall marketing effort.  But there have been some glitches.

"I have no doubt that the free and well-informed people can and sift through the increasing volume of information and over time develop a balanced view of our government, our Armed Forces, and our values and principles."

                              Donald Rumsfeld
                                June 18, 2005

In a de=-classe contrast, one should consider the following:

John Hawkins:   "How about dashing off a quick sentence or just
                a word or two about the following......John

Ann Coulter:  "The reason soldiers invented 'fragging'".

Need more be said?  Of course and when it comes to Donald Rumsfeld, argumentation and refutation and where the "unassailable" facts are available, Rumsfeld will always lose the argument.

And in this contrast with Ann Coulter, she deserves to be challenged regardless of when, what, and how, she says it.  Otherwise, her constant attempts to convince others that she should be taken serious, will gain traction, and thereby coarsening our public discourse.  Moreover, her opportunistic and lame attempts at addressing the "deficit needs" of Maslow's Theory for a Hiearchy of Needs, should be recognized for what "it" is.  As for me, a simple-minded fellow that I am, I too recognize 'gutter politics' when it is on full display by Coulter and the like-minded.  Thus, she deserves to be ridiculed, but never ignored.

Now, if I am wrong, then it will be likely be that Donald Rumsfeld too will challenge Ann Coulter, and this challenge will take place in a public forum for all to see.

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