Knock, Knock! Time to Walk

I can think of THREE REASONS why you should take a weekend to knock on doors to make sure Dems win in November.  Don't think you can't make a difference pounding the pavement and knocking on doors?  The Republicans have proved it will win the race.

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Governor Granholm to Give Kos some Love

It looks like Governor Granholm, herself, will be writing on Kos and taking questions tomorrow (Wed.) morning. How exciting! Maybe she will make an appearance at MyDD?

The post also includes a new ad just released by the Michigan Democratic Party.

Who: Gov. Jennifer Granholm
What: Diary on Daily Kos
When: Wednesday, September 13, 11:15am - 12:15pm EST

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CIRCLE Predicts Progressive Youth Impact on Midterms

CIRCLE issued a press release yesterday announcing the results of its analysis of youth voting trends  in midterm election. The results look good for Democrats.

Turnout will probably be up - though not as high as 2004 - and those young voters will mostly likely break progressive.  Details after the jump.

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Campaign Season Kickoff in Michigan GOV - All the Ammo Against Dick Scamway DeVos You'll Ever Need

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Labor Day has come and gone, and as you probably well know, that means the fall campaign season is "officially" under way, so far as the Beltway media is concerned. So to kick things off for the fall, I thought I'd give a rundown on where the Jennifer Granholm reelection campaign stands vs. Dick DeVos, one of the creepiest and most dishonest candidates in the country. This election has been called the closest race in the country, and it's one I've been following closely, though from afar, through the summer.

And there's a lot to tell. It's a story of fraudulent get-rich-quick-scheme cults, shady paramilitary mercenaries, lie-riddled TV ad transcripts, pay-for-play, and a disembodied head. Follow me below the jump:

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Snakes on a Senate

I came across this link earlier today at Democratic Underground and had to crosspost it here. View Snakes on a Senate when you need an afternoon break.

It's a good illustrative resource to spread around. It looks like it was produced by the DSCC. Not too shabby but I think each of the snakes has a stronger bite. We need a few more details.

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