TPM v. RedState: Comparing Pools, Considering Partisanship

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The two biggest pools at Predict06 right now are hosted by the popular conservative blog RedState and the popular liberal blog Talking Points Memo (check out Pool Leaders).  Earlier in this process, I highlighted a tendency by our first users to predict complete or near complete sweeps by their respective parties.  Today, I'd like to point out a much less partisan, but still very present contrast, between the predictions of the readers of these two prominent blogs.

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Opportunity to Make a Big Difference on Nov. 7

Do you live in a deep-Red county with no hope of change?  Is your county going Blue with or without you?   Don't feel left out.  We need your help in three of the hottest counties in nation.  From the comfort of your home, you can pick up the phone and make two hours of calls using a web-based dialer program.  On November 8, you'll be able to say that you helped bring change to Bucks, Chester and Delaware Counties in suburban PA.  

PA Action is working with US Action and Women's Votes to get likely progressive female voters to the polls on November 7th.

The field plan involves direct mail and an intense canvassing plan as well as at least one contact by phone.  If we can get 375 people around the country to make two hours of calls (about 150 calls), that will free up 750 volunteer hours for us and we can focus on the face-to-face contacts and the last three days of dragging people out.

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Clinton spent $10.1 million on her own Senate campaign!

After Bowers began his "Use It or Lose It" campaign I began to think about how much money was out there that could really be making a huge difference in the next few weeks.  That's why I was so upset when I learned that Senator Clinton dumped $10.1 million into her own Senate campaign in the last quarter!  That is the most money any Senator has spent on their campaign during this cycle.

Considering Clinton could have sailed to victory on November 7th without spending a dime, i'd say calling this $10.1 million a waste of money is more than fair.  The truth is Clinton is pouring money into this campaign so she can blow out her opponent as badly as possible to look good in preparation of 2008.  This is seriously  ridiculous.  Like anyone really cares if Hillary wins her seat by 10% or 20.

Imagine how far $10.1 million could go in Missouri or Tennessee.  The money Hillary decided to waste to inflate her own ego could very well have been used to capture a Democratic Senate.  Hillary's meaningless spending and hoarding of her enormous war chest is truly an outrage to the Democratic Party.  I hope we don't forget this when she runs for President.

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Help Bring Real Change to the Philly Suburbs and the Country

PA Action, working with Women's Voices Women's Votes and US Action, is working a non-partisan campaign on the phones and on the ground to turnout likely progressive female voters this election.   You've probably read about WVWV here at MyDD. As Matt said in that post:

Right-wingers have two giant fears.  The first is if evangelicals stop voting, as they did from the 1920s until the late 1970s.  The second is if single women start voting.

That second part is our plan and you can help from the comfort and convenience of your home.  We need four hundred people to each call one hundred names on our list.  That's about two hours of work per person.  Trust me, it goes by more quickly than you may imagine.  The script is short and direct.  The focus voters are people we need to get to the polls if we want to see some change in the direction this country.

Please make the jump and find out how you can spend a couple of hours helping to get this country back on track.

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Predict06! Check out the brand new site.

Hello MyDD friends,

Come check out the brand new site!

The premise is simple: we all want to know who is going to win the elections.  And we all have predictions.

Will Netroots Senate candidates like Tester and Allen lead the Democrats to take the Senate?

Will the Democrats turn enough seats in states like Indiana, Pennsylvania and Connecticut to take the House?

At Predict06 you can make your predictions about each race, add reasons and links that justify them and share you work with other members of MyDD, your friends, family or co-workers, or the readers or your personal blog.

And, all of it aggregates into a community-wide prediction!

We'd be privileged to have you come visit us, so come Predict06!


The Predict06 Team

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