Demonizing Pelosi

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Joe Gandelman has a good and quite amusing piece in the Moderate Voice about concerted GOP efforts to do to Nancy Pelosi what the Clintonistas did to Newt Gingrich.

You can hear the music starting now. That menacing cadence. The numbing feeling that something could soon happen. A small move that you see in the corner of your eye that makes your blood run cold. And then it happens:

Nancy Pelosi could be Speaker of the House...

That's apparently the gist of a GOP effort right now to try and rally the party's faithful.

Before I even discuss this strategy, it is worth noting that no woman has ever held the position of Speaker of the House. For a woman to rise to the top of an organization of 435 politicians would be a greater accomplishment and a more difficult task than for a woman to simply win the two step process (primary and general elections) to become commander-in-chief. If Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker, it will be a moment to celebrate on those grounds alone.

And that gets me to the analysis.

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IL-6 - Thoughts On Chris's Pessisimisn for 2006

I understand where Chris is coming from.  The results from IL-6 can be dissapointing when looked at as a defeat for the grassroots campaign model and the DC/Media model.

However, it can also be looked at from another angle.  An effective campaign needs ALL elements within it, and if, of course a big if, the Democrats can unite, winning campaigns can be run.

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