Gallup: Bush = Worst Midterm Approval Since 1950

Gallup finds Bush's current approval rating at 38%.  That compares to 63% at the 2002 midterm elections.  The last time a president had an approval rating this low in a midterm election was Harry Truman in 1950. (this data & analysis will only be available there today)

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report

12. Voting for a Democrat results in following message from electronic voting machine: "Your vote did not reach the intended candidate."

11. Alternative message from electronic voting machine: "Due to changes to our Constitution, the vote you requested no longer exists."

10. Alternative alternative message from electronic voting machine: "The page you requested is caucusing with the GOP House Leadership."

9. Mark Foley wins re-election -- in Boystown, USA.

8. Polling places broadcast continuous loop of the "Kerry botched joke."

7. Next to names of Democratic candidates, ballots state: "The terrorists win."


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A MyDD Prediction Pool

Come join the newly created prediction pool for MyDD community members!

When you click here, you'll be prompted to sign in or sign up.  Once you have, you can predict the outcome of the upcoming midterms and compare your predictions with other members of the Kos community.  We'll quickly approve all who request to join the group.

If you'd like to create a group of your own, Kos members or work friends or readers of your blog, you can do that, too.

On November 8th, Predict06 will recognize the pools and individuals whose predictions are the closest to the actual results.  Considering how much information you gather here, a MyDD pool should be very competitive.

Want to find out more about what Predict06 is?  Check out this piece from the Personal Democracy Forum!

There's more... Day 1

Day 1 was interesting.  The community, surprisingly, is predicting GOP holds of both the House and the Senate.  Of course, that changes regularly as new members join and make predictions, and things have been turning increasingly toward the Democrats this mornings.

We would love to have members of the MyDD/Netroots family come and join our community, so we will post regular updates in diary form here.

Predict06 allows you to predict the outcomes of each race, post links and comments defending your predictions, and share all of your work with blog readers, friends, co-workers or anyone else.

Come check us out:!

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The Nature of the October Suprise

Cross Posted at Media Pundit.

With Republicans polling poorly and Iraq beginning to look like Arabic for Vietnam, an October surprise by the administration would come as, well, no surprise.  Adding fuel to the speculative fire, Newsmax recently reported that Karl Rove has been promising Republican insiders such a surprise surprise to help them maintain control of the House and the Senate.  Given the fact that this administration has repeatedly placed politics before policy and seems more interested in maintaining power than protecting the American people, it is safe to say that an October surprise is on the way in the next few weeks.

Below I present several possibilities for the form this surprise may take, along with evidence supporting the likelihood of each.  I have listed them in what I understand to be the most likely order of probability, from greatest to least.

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