The problem with "gentry liberals"

Workers aren't on agenda of today's 'gentry liberals'

By Joel Kotkin and Fred Siegel

December 9 2007

After decades on the political sidelines, liberalism is making a comeback. Polls show plunging support for Republicans and their brand of conservatism among young, independent voters and Latinos. But what kind of liberalism is emerging as the dominant voice in the Democratic Party?

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For Thanksgiving Edwards Speaks Out on Hunger

Everyone knows that poverty is a signature issue for John Edwards. At a time when many people believed that the issue of poverty was a loser, John Edwards brought it to the forefront of the political debate. True leaders make their own issue where many "experts" believe their is none. As an American fighting to stay just above the poverty line myself, his efforts certainly aren't missed by me. The working poor deserve our respect.

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Stark County OH Group to Protest Bush Administration June 9

A group of Stark County Democrats and friends will hold a peaceful protest at the corner of Belden Village Avenue and Dressler Road by the Starbucks on Friday, June 9, at 5:30 p.m.  

The group began doing once-a-month protests beginning in March of this year to highlight the decline of the middle-class under the Bush Administration.  Anyone wishing to particpate this Friday, should bring an issue-of-choice sign (vulgarity is prohibited) and be prepared to stand around awhile. This is a peaceful protest.

The group hopes to see their idea of holding once-a-month peaceful protests spread to other communities across the country leading up to the '06 elections, thus reminding our leaders it's job-review time.

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