Your Toolkit for Holding Congress Accountable

Dream with me for a minute. Imagine that we-the-people could easily find out how our members of Congress voted on the bills that are most important to us. Imagine that there was a place that explained clearly and simply how those votes really impact America's current and aspiring middle class.
And, while we're dreaming, imagine that Congress knew that Americans of all walks of life could keep an eye on them, comparing their rhetoric in favor of strengthening and expanding the middle class with their votes.  

Wake up and smell the Web 2.0 glory.

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The PBS Interview: Dennis Kucinich Hits It Out Of The Park!

The PBS Interview:  Dennis Kucinich

The Man with all the right answers.
Watch It!

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The Dennis Kucinich Theme Song!!

Okay, here it is folks...

The Dennis Kucinich Theme Song!

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IL-13 You inspired me, I'm in the race.

This was posted earlier today by Scott Harper who is running against Judy Biggert in IL-13 at Kos. I'm going to be crossposting here, MyDD and TPM. If you any questions, advice or comments for Scott please go to the Kos diary to leave them so he doesn't have to chase all over to find them. 

Although I have been blogging on Prairie State Blue in the last month, this is my introductory diary in the broader blogosphere. I am a progressive Democrat running in a Republican-leaning, highly educated, independent-minded, suburban district west and southwest of Chicago. The most well-known towns in the district are Naperville and Hinsdale, which anchor the northwest and northeast corners of the district respectively.

I was inspired to run for office at YearlyKos, which I attended because of a tip, yet without the requisite knowledge of the community. My plan to volunteer on a campaign or campaigns took a radical turn.

I loved the environment of having all these decent, knowledgeable, passionate people around. I was inspired by the Future Leaders forum, and I was inspired to want to join their ranks, all of us working to make a difference for our country.

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Edwards Evening News Roundup: Si Se Puede!

Welcome to the Edwards Evening News Roundup. Si se puede! (Yes we can!)

Today, John Edwards announced his opportunity agenda for Latino Americans. Tonight in EENR, we look at his policy on this, discuss the presidential forum on Univision tonight, and talk about Edwards' policy on immigration. Follow me below the fold.

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