DMI Sends Members of Congress Home with Their 2007 Grades!

If the middle class could give your Congressmember a grade, what would it be?  Today, DMI releases grades for every senator and representative, evaluating their votes on key legislation that affects the current and aspiring middle class.

2007 began as a year of great promise. Congress was flooded with dozens of new members, many elected with a pledge to address the middle-class squeeze and help more working people attain a middle-class standard of living. Important legislation--from expanding children's health coverage to bringing down the cost of college loans--was introduced and brought to a vote. But, faced with Senate filibusters and a recalcitrant President, many bills died or were passed in watered-down form. Still, the bills that did become law represent concrete gains for current and aspiring middle-class Americans, including a higher minimum wage, expanded Pell Grants, a freeze on middle class tax hikes and lower costs to fuel cars.

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Edwards aims to "Reverse the War On Work"

John Edwards is still focusing on Issues that matter to Working Families!

like the Economy ... like Taxes.

All the while the GOP continues to "debate" that "only MORE Corporate Tax Cuts will create Jobs and keep the Economy strong!"

Hmmm ... Where are all those Jobs, by the way?

Billions in Tax give aways to the Rich, for the last 5+ years, only seem to have strengthen the Rich, it seems to me.

From the John Edwards Issues pages:

In America today, families are working harder to get by.

Half of American families say they are living paycheck to paycheck,
and 3 out of 10 American workers have not been able to save a dime for their retirement.


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John Sweeney: "We will pass the Employee Free Choice Act"

John Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO, said 2 years ago:
"Today, the Employee Free Choice Act has 208 co-sponsors in the House, including 10 Republicans, and 42 in the Senate -- and we will pass it while George Bush is in office."John Sweeney at National Press Club 1/18/2006

Since then the EFCA, which adds penalties for labor violations, has passed the House, but has stalled in the Senate over a Republican blockade over a small change in "card check" organizing campaigns and has been abandoned by Democrats and Unions until 2009.

Currently employees can optionally organize or decertify a union using signature cards instead of secret ballots. Business groups only want to be able to decertify unions using card check, calling organization by signature cards "undemocratic" and condemning the entire EFCA as "Orwellian named." If the Republican position sounds like a double standard, thats because it is.

Sweeney and his Democrat allies in the Senate could easily shift the debate to just enforcing current labor law. Instead, they are letting the Republicans have a free ride this November by keeping the general public confused about technical aspects of forming a union.

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Big Business puts John Edwards on Notice

Let this serve as a warning to Edwards, and any other Candidate that would DARE to put the issues of "Economic Populism" back on the National Agenda:

LA Times - Jan 07, 2008
Chamber targets anti-business candidates

With the nation's economy increasingly becoming a volatile issue in the presidential campaign, the president of the United States Chamber of Commerce is about to issue one very tough promise to spend millions of dollars against candidates deemed to be anti-business. (Are you listening John Edwards?)

It seems if you dare to tell the Truth about the wholesale "sell off" of hopes and aspirations the American Middle Class -- well the "powers that be" just might get a little UPSET with you ...

But will that shut Edwards up about it? ... I hope not!

Sunlight afterall, is the best disinfectant!
(not capitulation and compromise)

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There will be no paid lobbyists in an Edwards White House! W/Video of JRE on "This Week"

John Edwards appeared on "This Week" today from New Hampshire after his powerful debate performance, last night.

During the show, Stephanopoulos brought up the subject of paid lobbyists to which Edwards forcefully answered, "there will be no paid lobbyists" in an Edwards White House.

Edwards is the only candidate who is backing up his call for change with bold, progressive plans and a committment to take on the entrenched interests to return our democracy to the people.

Edwards on the "Battle for the Middle Class" at the NH Debate

Watch Edwards on "This Week" here:

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