I'll donate via Road to 60 when you clean out the trash. [Update x2]

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Tonight, these five new accounts've TR'ed every single one of my comments from the past month; piling troll-ratings onto old comments is only the latest in a series of flaunting this site's rules by Republican trolls.  Not only have trolls like Rankles, Aliveandkickin, and Engels not been banned, they even have their rec/ratings access intact.  You want political contributions in MyDD's name?  Make the site's banner worth donating under again.  It's long past time to take out the trash.

I'm a proud, wallet-opening Democrat who gives as much as I can as often as I can.  MyDD needs to decide which audience it's really more interested in maintaining -- Democratic contributors like me, or Obama-bashers and Republicans.  Don't ask me to open up my wallet in your name until you start actively undoing this site's devolution into a playground for trolls.

Update: Jerome responds below:

It's easy to throw tomatoes from the crowd. The ratings system is broken, it'll get replaced, don't waste your time with it.

I look forward to that, and thank ct for his work in implementing it when it happens. But this is more about your recent willingness to let trolls run rampant on this site at the expense of your long-time Democratic readership. If you were even half as "duly diligent" in dealing with today's post-primary trolls as you were in dealing with what you considered primary season's overzealous Obama supporters, things'd be quite different here.

You'd also do well to remember that the "tomato-throwing crowd" are the same folks you're asking to lend you fundraising credibility via an ActBlue donation in MyDD's name. Four, three, two years -- even a year ago -- I'dve contributed to a MyDD-branded fundraising effort without a second thought. Something's clearly changed, and you need to clean up your brand if you're wanting to use it for fundraising purposes.

Update 2: Jerome stopped in to mojo this comment:

Grow up and get over it Please. Of all things. This diary beats PUMA for being silly, pointless and vain.

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The quickly-approaching light. A full-scale meltdown.

The quickly-approaching light at the end of our tunnel this election cycle is a turbocharged, nuclear-powered locomotive, the likes of which we've never seen. It will arrive at our station well BEFORE we cast our votes in November.

In fact, if you read below the fold, it's already arrived...today.

Unbeknownst to the majority of U.S. society, due to a total lack of responsible reporting of the facts by the MSM, it is now self-evident to this diarist that the sky really is falling.

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A Note on Talking About Polls

We've all seen horrible reporting on the facts on polling.  We've all seen people misinterpret polls, exaggerate, even blatantly lie.  I give many people the benefit of the doubt; they probably just don't know better.

A great resource which was forwarded to me from an AP writer is this link from the National Council on Public Polling.  It is "20 Questions a Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results." It is an invaluable resource any journalist or blogger who mentions or writes about polling.

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My diaries are back! w00t!

Since we had rec/rate restored over here, I was hoping that the admins would do whatever was needed to also restore diaries that disappeared.  Well, it seems they did.  Today I checked my page and everything is intact again!  w00t!

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Amnesty Request Diary (Update: Success!)

Update [2008-6-10 12:37:50 by really not a troll]: Success! Last night many of us were visited by the Admin fairy and had our rec/rates restored. Thank you MyDD! Let's celebrate by reccing some useful, non-meta diaries.

So, the primaries are over and some people still can't rec/rate. Instead of spamming all the admins, why don't we use this diary to request amnesty? This'll make it easier on the admins, who won't have to sort through their inboxes and won't have to hunt down our comment history (they can just click our usernames in-thread).

So, want rec/rate back? Post a comment.

Oh, and if you still have rec/rate, and want to get it restored to all non-troll users, please rec this. Thanks.

Update [2008-6-9 23:14:10 by really not a troll]:: Ironically, my first time on the rec list. Thanks! I'd thank you by name, but I don't have the ability to view who put my diary on the rec list right now. Admins, can we fix that so I can offer these fine users some proper gratitude?

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