POLL: More Meta for Chris: Posting to MyDD or Kos (or elsewhere)

MyDD was the first political blog I encountered.  I moved on to Daily Kos when MyDD went quiet during 2003 while Jerome Armstrong went to work for Howard Dean.  In fact, I think I may have stumbled onto MyDD while looking for Dean information.

Since then, I've been conflicted about where to post things.  I have my own blog of course (which almost no one reads).  I sometimes cross-post things here or to DailyKos.  Sometimes, I post there, but not to my own blog.  So, what should I post where?

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Why the Townhouse list is bad for those of us in the slums

[Crossposted at My Left Wing and Daily Kos.]

First of all, I've been holding on to this diary idea for months -- every since I discovered the Townhouse list from a MyDD diary.  I've been waiting for what seemed like the right moment, the right atmosphere, to post this.  Now it's arrived, thanks to this excellent diary by the inimitable Maryscott O'Connor, with whom I am completely in agreement.  Something IS rotten in Blogmark; in fact, it has been rotten for some time, at least since the Pie fight and maybe before.  But I digress.

What I want to talk about here is something that I think has been chipping away at the integrity of the blogosphere for months, and that has become a serious, potentially catastrophic issue for the blogosphere at large.  My goal here is not to attack or demean anybody, simply to enlighten and to give my opinion, inconsequential as it may be.

This diary is about the Townhouse list.

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The Narrative Is Now The Narrative

Crossposted at The Dem IM

We are now less than five months from Election 2006. The Democrats are still leading the generic congressional ballot in the House and great numbers are coming in from Senate races across the country. Things are looking good.

Despite the good news, all the talk in the traditonal media is about the "Democrats in Disarray" and the inevitable failure that will befall them in November. The topic being covered is not what's best for the US in Iraq, the recovery effort in the Gulf Coast, or the rampant corruption in DC. The media narrative is about the media narrative.

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get on the recommended list? why?

[cross-posted and promoted from a comment on this dkos diary at mrsdbrown's suggestion - metajesus]

in response to a diary that asks how to get on the recommended list:

you guys don't get it.

it's not about making the rec list.

it's not even about getting tu mojo.

it's about feeling better about your politics, your positions, your issues.

it's about getting better at being able to communicate.

it's about being a part of a community in an environment that is actively trying to keep us separate.

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Facilitating local blog-sprawl, part 2 - writing a guide for local political bloggers

(Cross-posted at Planting Liberally)

Yesterday I spent some time outlining what I think the three waves of liberal blog-sprawl will be: technological support, grassroots "how-to" guides, and institutional support.

With an eye towards making that second wave happen, I started my own online book, called "How to Write a Local Political Blog", at http://www.plantingliberally.org/HowToBl og.   For more details, follow me over the flip!

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