The Untoward Truth.

Are there truths that are too dangerous to tell?
Truths that can be destructive to society -- even though they are undoubtedly true?

If there was some truth that would shatter your ideology, would you want to know it, or to continue in blind ignorance?

If there was a truth that would, literally, corrode society -- would you rather know it, or not?

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Stop Making Post Titles Too Long to Re!

Okay, this is a silly complaint but I'm going to make it anyway. Perhaps people have noticed sometimes I respond to a post in a comment with the title of this post. It's pretty self explanatory. When I hit the submit button on my comment, I can't post it because the post title is beyond the character limit. So I put this as my standard reply to send a message to the original poster. I find the lack of being able to Re easily, a highly annoying and rude from the people who run the site. The least you can do is keep your titles manageable so we can respond to them without having to make up some other title when the best way to describe is actually Re+post title. It's a small thing and it won't keep me from commenting but I think it would make things more user friendly.

Although perhaps there is some sort of user setting where I can up the 50 character limit. If there is, then please point it out to me. Anyhow, I'm not really mad I just wanted to have something "down on paper" so to speak.

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My Story

Originally posted on FSZ, cross-posted by myself on MLW and by DFQ sans autorisation on his own blog (with added commentary).

Even on the largest "Democratic" grassroots website in the world, there are blatantly undemocratic actions taking place.

My mistake was trying to tackle it head-on, without realizing that just like any place on the Internet, people with control will do anything to exact revenge on you, ruin your reputation, and silence your voice.  

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As you might imagine, movement and the ability to tote a computer bag are greatly limited here in Washington, DC at present, so blogging has been, and likely will continue to be for the next day and a half, a bit sporadic from those of us in the MyDD community in for the inauguration.

That said, there continue to be things happening in the world, and one that I'd like to mention now is the launch of TPM DC, which will be a must-read site moving forward. With Matt Cooper, formerly of Time and Newsweek (as well as Washington Monthly and The New Republic) signed on as Editor-at-Large, as well as Elana Schor, whom I knew from my brief stint as an intern at The Hill newspaper -- not to mention a whole host of others who have been doing great work for the site for a longer period of time -- TPM DC will be an important site to add to your bookmark list (as I have just done). Yet another sign that Josh Marshall is coming to dominate our world...

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Save Soapblox!

From the diaries - Todd

You know how some politicians are fond of saying "you can't solve a problem by just throwing money at it." Well, here is a problem you can solve by throwing money at it. Send in a contribution to save Soapblox now!.

Goal Thermometer

More in the extended entry.

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