Progressive Narrative FOR British Terror Plot

I am working hard on several web sites and web communities to take our learning from the San Diego and Connecticut races and channel them into effective, constructive Progressive narratives. I'm about 50% there, hoping for a 9/11/06 launch (date chosen purposefully). The main web site at will contain developing projects, narratives and commentary in line with a Progressive message for Democrats. Thank you for helping me by reading this cross-posted diary!

*What Happened
Last night at 2AM, British authorities captured 24 suspects, many of Pakistani descent, in a raid designed to thwart an alleged terrorist plot during the planning stages. The plot would have involved detonating homemade bombs from over-the-counter ingredients such as peroxide in mid-air, taking down 10 airplanes bound for the U.S. from Britain.

*What The Bush Administration Knew
It is verified that British intelligence alerted President Bush, on vacation in Crawford, TX, about the details of the plot and the upcoming raid on Sunday 8/6/06. TSA action was taken on 8/10/06 in the U.S. restricting liquid or gel-based items in carry-ons after the raids. There is NO SPECIFIC evidence that ANY attacks or terrorist acts were being planned for within the U.S. Mueller of the F.B.I. said a month-long investigation in conjunction with British intelligence revealed no American connections.

(more in Extended Entry)

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House 2006: Huge Fundraising Increase For Democratic Challengers

Don't worry, this posts ties in Connecticut at the end--Chris

The FEC has released a very detailed report on congressional candidate fundraising during the 2005-2006 cycle. Among the many charts, tables and stats, I found this passage to be the most salient:House campaigns raised $544 million (up 18% from 2004 levels) and spent $325.5 million (17% above the previous cycle). They reported a cash balance of $367 million as of June 30. Receipts by Republican House candidates increased 12% with increases for incumbent candidates (23%) and open seat candidates (15%) but a decline in overall receipts for Republican House challengers of 34% when compared with 2004. Democratic candidates' receipts were 26% higher than in the last cycle with a small increase for incumbents (4%) and larger increases for both open seat candidates (46%) and challengers, whose fundraising more than doubled when compared with 2004. When it comes to money and recruiting candidates, Democrats are clearly in a much, much better position in 2006 than they were in 2004. Further, compared to 2004, Democrats have superior positions in national polls, and greatly superior positions in competitive races. Factor in what appears to be increasing evidence that Democrats are turning out at higher levels than Republicans, and now we basically seem to only be lacking in terms of message and the always frustrating conspiracy gap (though we are making up ground in that department).

While by no means perfect, this is undeniably the best effort Democrats have put forward to retake the House since we lost it in 1994. If Democrats start talking more like Rahm Emmanuel did today, and less like how they were talking at the DLC conference two weeks ago, then we might really be in business. If it took the impending the defeat of Joe Lieberman for Emmanuel and others to finally get the clue we have so longed for them to find, that just means that one of the most basic rationales many of us have always had for supporting Ned Lamont has already been demonstrated. No one in DC will want to become the next Joe Lieberman, and people will realize that forces outside of the control Democratic political professionals in DC are now representative of a huge portion--quite possibly the majority--of the Democratic rank and file. This campaign has the potential to significantly change the Democratic Party for the better, as the progressive movement is taken more seriously in DC, and as far fewer Democrats become willing to cozy up to the conservative movement in all its various manifestations.

I'll be in Connecticut tomorrow through Wednesday to take part in this historic moment. I hope to see you there.

Courage Campaign / MyDD Poll: Why Francine Busby Lost

Please continue to donate to the MyDD / Courage Campaign Polling Project. We need another $2,000 to complete testing on the accountability message we suggest at the end of the memo. This small amount of money could have a major impact on changing the way Democrats run campaigns in 2006. Donate today--Chris

Today, the Courage Campaign, a non-partisan, progressive 527 based in Los Angeles, and MyDD, a progressive blog devoted to analysis and commentary on political campaigns and infrastructure, announced findings today from the poll they commissioned in California's 50th Congressional District to determine why the national Democratic message centered on allegations of Republican corruption failed to give Francine Busby the seat formerly occupied by convicted felon, Randy "Duke" Cunningham. Busby lost to Republican, Brian Bilbray in the June 6th election.

The poll was funded by the netroots, and was conducted by Wright Consulting Services. It was in the field from July 6, 2006 to July 27, 2006. The poll surveyed 503 people who voted in the June 6th special election, and included 188 people who voted in either the 2003 recall election (Schwarzenegger) or the 2004 Presidential election, but did not vote on June 6th. The margin of error for the entire sample of 691 is +/- 3.8%, and +/- 4.5% for people who voted. Smaller subsets, such as Republicans, Democrats and Independents, had higher margin or errors.

The questionnaire used for the poll can be found here: 0_Post_election_Questionnaire_1.pdf

The full cross tabs for the poll can be found here:

Our finding from the poll are in the extended entry.

For further information, contact Chris Bowers of MyDD at, or Susanne Savage of the Courage Campaign at

Update: Read the press release for the poll on Yahoo News. Check The Huffington Post for further commentary on the poll by Rick Jacbos of hte Courage Campaign.

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Dems = Fairness, Strength, Inspiriation for the Future

Even though in late June another Bush-Republican lie was found out--that the White House puffed up the stature of recently eliminated terrorist Zarqawi so his death could be labeled a "turning point" in Iraq (actually, it may be making things worse)--it will not greatly help Democrats' chances to take Congress in 2006's midterm elections, though it certainly doesn't hurt their chances. This is because the Zarqawi lie is yet another Bush failure that will be drummed out of the collective mind of the "United States of Amnesia" by Bush-Republican talking points and distractions dutifully echoed by the media.

However, and increasingly, Democratic leaders seem to want to do something about this situation.

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Polling Project: Progressive Messaging Thread

As I continue to work through the details of attempting to put together the third polling project with The Courage Campaign, I realize I have reached another point where I need your help. In addition to suggesting ideas for why Francine Busby lost, I now need your help in developing progressive messages you think would work if used by Democratic candidates for Congress in 2006. The messages do not have to be specific to any particular policy area, and can be as broad or narrow as you like. They do, however, have to be short (30 words or less) and they do have to be positive. After all, we don't just want to know why Francine Busby lost, we want to know how she and other candidates could actually win.

Use this thread to post comments outlining what type of positive, progressive messaging you would like to see tested in an actual poll. Also, please consider donating to the Courage Campaign in order to get this thing off the ground.


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