LA Times Being Protested: Brooks Brothers Riot II?

According to the Jewish Journal:

Today protests have been organized outside the Times' building on Spring Street. VideoJew Jay Firestone is there right now; we should have footage up soon.

Remember: this is the same man that McCain donated almost half a million dollars to in 1991 when McCain was chair.

Remember: it was the LA Times that broke this story in the first place.

The people there are just another McCain-Palin hate mob boiling over with frustration. If I lived in LA, I'd be down there to counter-protest.

Updates as I get them.

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"Why we fight" director chronicles Straight Talk Train Wreck

Eugene Jarecki has detailed his experiences with; and assessment of - dealing with John McCain on the Huffington Post today. He is the director of "Why We Fight", a film that I posted already on this blog.  I highly recommend watching it, if you have not already done so.

Mr. Jarecki was granted an interview on camera with Sen. McCain for his opinions on Defense spending and corruption.  In an all-too-familiar fashion, Sen. McCain spoke of the need for accountability, then his staff scrambled to retract his words for fear of upsetting lobbyists.

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The Triumph of Socialism

Senator John McCain and the Republican party has tried very hard in these last few days of the 2008 election to paint Senator Barack Obama as a Socialist, claiming from a very old quote taken out of context, that as president Obama would try to "spread the wealth" and "raise your taxes."

This is particularly ironic in that Governor Sarah Palin is governor of one of America's most Socialist states: Alaska.   Alaskan residents participate in not just socialism, but collectivism, as the natural mineral wealth of their state is collected and the money from the exploitation of that wealth is literally spread to all the residents making them not tax-payers, but beneficiaries of the state-owned enterprise.  Of course, that is not the whole truth either, as private companies get to extract their profits first, enjoying state enforced monopolies for the contracts they hold.

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2008 Presidential Election Results Tracker Online

Here's an updated version of my election results tracking spreadsheet, which presents states chronologically in order of their poll closings, and maps into columns those states' votes for McCain and Obama based upon current polls, as reported at (This is a follow-on to my diary here last week - Over by 9-11pm?)

A number of US PEG access channels will be doing live election results coverage Tuesday night - most surely focusing primarily on their local races.  I emailed a version of this to them a few days ago, but it's been suggested to me that maintaining one version online which everyone could see would be more useful.

So, via Google docs, I've done that.  Here's its website: qG_omSksmduYpp2i2HpvHg

and here's the spreadsheet: qG_omSksmduYpp2i2HpvHg

The spreadsheet is constructed so that as called states' electoral votes are entered into the Obama or McCain columns, and deleted from the poll results columns, a running total for both candidates is added to their remaining expected wins -- again, based upon the final poll results.

I'll upload a final pre-election version of this, with polling results as of Monday, I suppose.  Then Tuesday night, at a friend's house perched 100 feet above the Long Island Sound in Orient NY, watching no less than 3 networks, I'll be updating this as states are called.

I wonder if any of you know of any similar tools that have been created and made available, and I welcome your comments about this one.  This spreadsheet is free for anyone to republish under the Creative Commons "Attribution-Noncommercial" license.  

On the sunny side,

Rob McCausland

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Why McCain is Rising

McCain is rising up ever so slightly in the polls, however, today a CNN poll showed that 93% of all voters have already made up their mind.

How is it, that McCain is gaining ground if so few people are changing their mind:  because McCain is gaining on a small group of people that haven't actually cast their votes yet.

Early voting is happening in record numbers, the people who are left over are the ones who have not yet decided.  A significant who say they are going to vote for Obama, already have voted, and they're becoming scarce to the polling methodologies out there. Honey? Its the pollsters - want to take the call?... No thanks, dear.. I have some odious household chores to do..

Another interpretation, and the one you should likely keep in mind - is the typical, tried and true GOP tactic of blatant lies broadcast in the AM band. Here are some I sampled.."McCain is leading the race, 127 ev to 88 ev"... "Obama is a Liberal Fascist" ... wash. rinse. repeat.

The talk radio people in question are simply entertainers who failed to make the cut, for Hollywood. They are either morbidly obese,  drug addicts, or a combination of both. And they are using a really interesting technique - they say to their audience "we will be taking your calls" and then, they set up a shill to call them and then they rave on and on, after the shill places the call. Their screening of calls is intense. They are throwing away massive numbers of callers.

But they are projecting that this is the "voice of the people", and that they "took the call, when America called". Its an insidious form of Bush Republicanism that shows up now in the 11th hour, and it works well on evangelicals, who can be easily scared.

McCain is rising because there aren't many voters left who haven't made up their mind, are simply... the kind of voter that, in this election - can't figure out who's telling the truth. And thats a smaller, and smaller number of people - every year. Thanks to the internet.

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