Ron Paul: President of Montana

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No, not really, but according to the PPP poll released very early this morning Ron Paul is pulling about 4% that John McCain might otherwise get.

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NY-3: Final Message from 2008's Youngest Congressional Candidate

Dear Friends,

We need Change in a big way on Tuesday. We cannot afford to send status-quo politicians like Peter King, and their failed policies back to Washington. You deserve a Congressman with bold ideas who will invest in American innovation. Please share this video with everyone you know, especially those here on Long Island. I am asking for your support and your vote to make change a reality.

Thank you,

Graham Long
Democrat for Congress, NY-03

Please DIGG IT!

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Who Are These Independent Voters?

For those of you that look at the polls and are perplexed by the percentage of American's that have still not made up their minds, let me tell you my story.    

I understand that liberty needs to rule of law.   Like all competition there needs to be a referee.  We elect people to represent us in writing these "rules".   Our representatives must use Our Constitution as their rule book in writing laws.  It defines the freedoms our government did not provide to us and can not take from us.   We get the government we vote for.   Not enough people respect and know the documents provided by our founders.  

It goes far beyond party identity for me when selecting the people I want in Washington representing me; especially in this election.  People are on edge, the next president will have a lot to deal with right out of the gate.

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11/3 Zogby: Obama 50.9, McCain 43.8

Obama up 1.4 from yesterday, McCain flat.

Yeah, I know Zogby is crap.  But right now their crap is consistent with the better polls, within reason.

Turnout model is the true mystery and one doesn't have to be a Republican troll to use a conservative model.  E.g., more campaigns have bet the farm and proceeded to die when counting on the under-30 vote.  

Right now it's looking like Obama by 5 to 8 percent.  I'll be startled if it really reaches 10 percent or more as a few are predicting.

Poll junkies will start going through withdrawal soon.  Let's see...Dixville Notch starts voting in less than 35 hours.

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Toil and Trouble

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This week finds our war hero, on Old Hallow's Eve, having finished yet another very difficult stretch of his presidential campaign, as it draws to a close. As if it wasn't tough enough to find himself having to defend his home state of Arizona from that one's blithely effortless incursion onto desert turf -- never mind the continuing parade of defectors and detractors among high-powered Republicans -- G.O.P. presidential nominee Sen. John McCain learned, via the press, that his senior advisers think his vice presidential pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a "diva" and "a wack job" who was bent not just on "going rogue," but going even "more rogue" than her campaign has already gone. Which would be pretty far, since her remarks this week indicated that she may have already set her sights on 2012 presidential race, reportedly having written off the top-of-the-ticket's chances in 2008.

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