Zogby on crack: Obama 54.1, 42.7

Zogby's final tracking poll is out and he's on crack.

Obama 54.1, McCain 42.7, Other 3.1

No, it's not the results that say Zogby is on crack.  It's the wild swing from a just over 4 point lead just 3-4 days ago.

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One Day More

Four years is a long time. Eight is yet longer.

But in the span of history, they are near nothing compared to the time of the regimes of Castro, Hussein, and Jong Ill.

Tomorrow is Election Day, and once again our country will show the world what it's like when PEOPLE choose their leader. Yes, we can make bad decisions, and yes, sometimes we make those decisions on false and misleading information, but it's OUR CHOICE.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is remarkable.

We, a young country's citizens, are the world's oldest of our kind. We are the leaders, and the world is watching. The results of the feelings of America could be seen in the primaries, when we chose the two most post-partisan candidates.

Yes, our system is broken, and these two candidates have been partisan as any (with some exceptions; McCain has NOT brought up Wright; Obama hasn't hit on McCain's age). But these two men will offer a truly new way forward, and in the scope of history, that is an amazing thing.

I celebrate Democracy tomorrow, and you're invited to do the same.

God Bless America, and my best wishes to all of you near and far.

(in unison)
Tomorrow we'll discover what our God in Heaven has in store....
One more dawn.....
One more day.......
One. Day. More

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Election Predictions (President, Governors, Senate, House)

Following is my thumbnail analysis and predictions for the Presidential, Governors, Senate, and House races tomorrow.

Less than nine hours until voting starts in Dixville Notch....

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Senator McCain: No Answer On The Problems Facing Pennsylvania's National Guard

Over the past weeks, VFA has been on the ground in Pennsylvania speaking with members of the Keystone State's National Guard and their families. We've seen first hand the devastating impact the deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan are having on these heroes.

In the press articles surrounding the release of our preliminary report, many noted:

Soldiers in the Pennsylvania National Guard "have borne a disproportionate share of the burdens of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan," according to a veterans advocacy group.

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McCain in Tampa - A Lonely Rally

Crossposted from the Motley Moose

John McCain passed through Tampa today, stopping at the 65,000 seat Raymond James stadium.

It was closed.

But wait!  There was a rally in a field across the street setup for him with an overflow area for the burgeoning crowds of Red State Floridians.  

The overflow area was empty.


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