The end of GOP permanent voter suppression.

The topic of voter suppression comes up at election time and is largely regarded as tricks to keep votes from being counted on election day or stopping voters at the polling place doors.  We hear about them all and will hear about some today.  These attempts are both obvious and trivial compared to the greater, large scale voter suppression that has been going on for decades.

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The pop vate spread means zip to me at the moment-all eyes should be on the EV map

At the moment, Obama has 238 from Strong Dem states so he needs 32

Assuming he wins Virgina's 11EV--he's up by 4-6%) that would mean he has to win 21 EV essentially  within Fla(27),Ohio(20),NC(15),Missouri(11) and/or NDakota(3)---If he doesn't he loses

At the moment, it would appear that Obama is +3 in Ohio, +1 in Fla, +1 in NC, tied in Misssouri and -1 in NDakota.

Assuming he wins Ohio as well as Virgina, he would still have to win 1 of the remaining 4 states all of whom are virtually too close to call

The statistical odds would imply that Obama will do so but I have to tell you that the astro based financial types are calling this week as a Major change in trend--bigger than Oct 10 when the nkt bottomed---inferring that since we are rallying up into this week, the most likely result is back down starting tomorrow.

These same financial astrolgers (not sun sign silliness) are also saying that the astro signature here is for SURPRISE----well there are only 3 surprises that I can think of at present--1)McCain wins a squeeker-see above narrowness of the key states)--or 2)D wins 60 Senate seats (mkt hates one party rule) or 3)Obama wins but McCain is successful in getting SC to issue an injunction due to alledged fraud a la acorn or citizenry

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While we celebrate....

Before we celebrate Obama's victory tonight remember the 4000 plus American dead in Iraq, the tens of thousands injured and the one hundred thousand plus Iraqi dead.  That is the price of this Democratic victory today.  Bush and Cheney will get clean away with murdering all those people.  

Americans didn't turn out in record numbers to demand the arrest of the corrupt Republican Administration because they were not personally affected by the war in Iraq and they feared terrorism.  Today Americans are scared of losing their homes and jobs, the major reason for the Democratic victory.  We are indeed a nation that votes out of fear whether it be terrorism or the economy.

Obama's victory tonight is historic and deserves to be celebrated and it is great America has changed enough to overcome racism.  I voted for him just for that reason but I'll find it hard to fully enjoy the victory knowing that the Democratic Congress did not do a thing to stand up to Bush and Cheney.  Here's to all the families that have borne the brunt of Bush, Cheney and the political calculations of the Democratic Party.  They have paid the ultimate price while most of us have felt nothing.

Let's hope Obama doesn't change his mind ala FISA and keeps just one of his campaign promises.  I hope he surpasses my expectations!

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Thank You George W. Bush

Dear George,

I wanted to thank you for for taking Americans for granted.
I wanted to thank you for using the White House to help your corparatist friends.
I wanted to thank you for trying to make up for your weaknesses by invading Iraq.
I wanted to thank you for trying to deliver more oil fields to the Big Oil companies.
I wanted to thank you for not taking the time to read the Constitution.
I wanted to thank you for destroying the Republican party.
I wanted to thank you for inspiring Barack Obama to run for office to undo the mess you have created.

More importantly - I wanted to thank you for being such a bad President which will lead to today's landslide victory for Senator Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Thank you sir. I will never forget your impact to our great Country. No one will.

Mr. Perez, Northern Virginia

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I am finally out of Nixon's shadow!

Image courtesy of The Guardian (UK)

"I was born in a house my father built." Thus began Richard Nixon's autobiography.  If he were alive, I would say "Well, Dick I was born in the house that Jack built.  Jack Kennedy, that is.  Until you came along and turned it into the out house."

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