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Bizarre plot to Assassinate Jimmy Carter

Happy Independence Day my friends although with the NEO-CONS still in control there truly isn't very much to be cheerful about. I wasn't much of a conspiracy theorist kind of person until a Rolling Stone article kind of got me interested in revisiting the JFK Assassination. In addition to that story some other recent sources also seem to be confirming a sinister plot as a matter of fact a conspiracy very similar to the storyline of the 1991 Oliver Stone Movie JFK.


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Marijuana and the problem of Mexican Migrants


This week when Nativists successfully blocked the Immigration Bill in the Senate it brought back to mind an earlier time in our nations history when like minded Nativists passed laws banning the use of marihuana to target the Mexican immigrants for expulsion.

 title= Hispanic Recruitment

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"Snow Bird Molly" the Dope Peddling Poodle

It's past time to end this 100+ year multi-trillion dollar failed fiasco. If it(the failed war on drugs) hasn't worked by now it's not ever going to. Since the beginning of time there has always been and always will be drug users whether they are legal or illegal it doesn't matter.
NEGRO COCAINE "FIENDS" NEW SOUTHERN MENACE New York Times, Sunday February 8, 1914 Murder and Insanity Increasing Among Lower Class Because They Have Taken to "Sniffing" Since Being Deprived of Whisky by Prohibition Edward Huntington Williams, M.D.

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2.2 Million American Citizens in Prison and the Neo-Cons want to Pardon Scooter Libby

I'm sick of hearing the NEO-CON's crying over Scooter Libby going to prison especially when we have 2.2 Million other American's already behind bars the majority of which are non-violent drug offenders. Scooter Libby would have recieved probation if he had only shown any remorse for his actions but instead he acted like the cocky little NEO-CON twerp that he is.

Chart's and Graphs detailing the prison statisitics

USA  2.2 Million Prisoners with a population of just 300 Million people.

China 1.4 Million Prisoners with a population of over 1.3 Billion people.

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