Mitt Romney Wins Montana, McCain third

Short and quick

Romney:   38%
Paul:     25%
McCain:   22%
Huckabee: 15%

So yeah, our front runner isn't the only one who loses late primaries.

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Why Clinton's Not Going To Win

I know that MyDD is still a bastion of Clinton support, albeit somewhat less rabid than it was previously. Most of the outrageous trolls have been booted away, or driven away by that evil and asinine thing called "reasonable discourse". But, by the by, this forum certainly leans towards Clinton in it's diary content, recommended stories, and admin support.

However, MyDD was founded on the principle of electing progressive Democrats- period. Not some progressive Democrats; all of them. But I actually don't mind a bit this site has thrown it's lot in Senator Clinton's direction, as it provides one of the few places on the net for some (some) reasoned discourse between the two candidates. Outside of diehard Clinton circles, places like Taylor Marsh, NoQuarter, and Hillaryis44 are pretty universally despised; no reasonable discourse can be had there. Dailykos (ZOMG orange sewer) is disliked by a great deal of Clinton supporters here on MyDD, who seem to ignore the fact their actions/way they treat Obama and his supporters are akin to the ones they seem to rail against so fervently denounced.

But I digress. All of this has given me a clearer view of why Senator Clinton is absolutely not going to win the nomination for  the Democratic candidacy for the President of the United States.

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Why the VRWC Wants You to Pick Obama

In the nineties, ending when Dubya came in after the GOP and the Supreme Court Republicans stole the 2000 election, I used to produce political talk radio shows out of DC. Guest talk - two hours a day - monday thru friday.  We had a couple hundred small stations in our network across the country.  We were labor funded and very mainstream, and as liberals trying to be "fair", we did both sides of what goes for "Issues" in Washington.

I did a  million shows on the Clintons - including subjects like Monica, Vince Foster, rose billing records, travelgate, filegate, whitewater, Paula Jones, Katherine Wiley, Ken Starr, the Arkansas troopers,cattle futures, the lincoln bedroom, china money, charlie trie, chinese missles, wag the dog...even once a show with a author of a book who said Hillary was a mole for the Soviet Union.   Some of my conservative guests included Ann Coulter, Laura Ingram, Bob Barr, Emmett Tyrell, both Bey and Pat Buchanan, Bill O Reilly, Tony Blankley, James Ruddy, John Bolton, Newt Gingrich and at least half of the gop senate and many house reps.

I suffered and carried this burden and did this in an effort to move my Party to the left.  We had hoped to find "common ground" on jobs and trade issues with the gop and the nativist right and use that to put pressure on blue dog dems. After wasting many millions, we found out THAT was a pipe dream. The Republicans came on our shows, always to push their Party and their agenda. We found that the idea of "compromise" is repellent to a Republican. Their idea of a "fair deal" is that moment when a Democrat gives up, lies down and without complaint, takes whatever punishment the GOP wants to offer.

This will not change if and when we elect a Democrat to the White House in 2000.

One thing I learned from doing those thousands of shows, always with a republican sitting there as we discussed "Politics" is how these people think about Democrats.   The truth is, when it comes down to it - they loathe US a lot more than WE hate them. Thats what makes them so formidable.

You see - they DO believe that the "Democrat" Party is made up of people that are stupid, cowardly, immature, lazy, snobby, liberal, elitist, lefty, anti business, socialists, eggheads and hypocrites...

BUT they also loathe and despise us because they think we are baby killing, anti God COMMUNIST monsters, who want to have sex with their women, drug and impregnate their children and turn all their kids  into a rap listening, hollywood addicted, bling-bling wearing britney wannabee subcult of the Manson family.
And oh yeah - raise their taxes.


Let me tell you - they have thrown EVERYTHING THEY GOT at the Clintons. If they had more - it would already be out there.
The Republicans hate, loathe and despise them. Why?  Do you think its actually ABOUT the Clintons themselves?  Come on!  Bill Clinton came to town willing to WORK with the GOP, just like he did back in Little Rock, but from day one the GOP said no.  They said "we will freeze him out - wait him out and defeat him - and get our government back in four years." They do not and will not acknowledge any President we will elect as legitimate and anything more than temporary.

This will be exactly how they will act towards any Dem who dares to defeat them in 08.

But before that possibility comes about - they will do EVERYTHING  they can to attack , abuse , slander, insult, embarrass, slime and harm who we choose to be our nominee.  The gop and the right wing will not "go gentle into the night".  Rush, Oreilly, Hannity and Co will start the screaming and then it will filter down thru the Washington times, to USA Today and then to Hardball and then to the Wash Post and the NY Times and AP and then to every newspaper and newsroom and living room in this country.  Thats how the very real 'vast right wing conspiracy" works.

We know what they will throw at Hillary and Bill and we know what percentage of voters, both Democrat and not, care about these stories - both true and not. We know - the Clintons know - how to deal with this.

But Obama has not been attacked once by the main stream media and the vrwc has barely even taken notice of him. He has not been vetted in the cauldron of political attack and destroy. But - if he was chosen to be our nominee...that would surely change.

Without going to google, just off the top of my head, the following list is comprised of "issues" that I KNOW that talk radio and the right would go after Obama on.  There is no doubt that many of these "stories" and "issues" would migrate from the Rush world to the main stream media.

My question is - do you actually think Obama could win in November after 8 months of post primaries investigation, attack and abuse on subjects like these?

It would be so easy for the GOP - here's the initial Obama radio topic rundown:

-the man wants to BAN making guns
-the man wans to BAN  selling guns
-the man wants to BAN - YOU owning guns
-hes against the death penalty
-he wants to let crackheads out of jail - NOW!
-he wants to let illegal aliens on your roads to kill your kids
-he wants to let MORE illegals into the USA to lower your wages
-he smoked pot
-he snorted cocaine
-he took extasy
-he was in the same room as 'HEROIN"!
-he wants to raise YOUR taxes by 1 TRILLION bucks!        
-he was a college instructor/professor/lefty
-he was/is a HARVARD lawyer
-he IS the chicago Daley machine
-the company his wife is on the board of - killed a town
-he goes to a church who's rector hates whites
-his brothers are both in the nation of islam
-Rezko, Rezko, Rezko!
-his wife got a $200 G raise from a Hospital when he got elected
-his grandma has no electric or water-and he seems ok with that
-his first name is "barack"
-his middle name is "hussein"
-his last name is "obama"
-he doesnt LOOK like you
-he is a liberal democrat
-he is a radical
-wall street financiers like him - why?
- who the heck were his parents, grandparents, his "people"
-as a kid he seems to have told everyone he would 1 day be prez
-he says he's of a "new kind of politics" but his history says NO
-at harvard he seems to have told everyone that1 day he'd be prez
-Young Hollywood likes him
-will smith says hes gonna be the NEXT black Prez
-he told his future brother in law on the FIRST day he met him that 1  day he would be prez
-how can he understand YOUR lives?
-he sends his kids to fancy schools you couldnt afford
-the 1st day he was in the senate he had a meeting about how to set a plan to 1 day become the president
-he says he's experienced enough for the WH because he "studied" international relations in college.
-he says he's experienced enough for th WH because he lived in indonsia when he was six
-he actually said those last two things with a straight face.
-can he be trusted to stop the muslims who want to kill your kids
-who IS this guy. really?


People - this is just stuff I made up in 2 minutes. This IS just the start of the kind of stuff the GOP right will say and use if Barack Hussein Obama is our nominee.

Above I have listed 17 seperate "scandals' about the Clintons that have been discussed ad nuseum. Of the list of Obama "issues" - how many of those have you heard get an in depth look, or even discussed at all

Hillry is immunized by the thousands of reporters, congrsssmen, special prosecutors and Ken starr himself who have poured over her past with fine comb and a magnifying glass.

What about Obama? What election losing disease might he be carrying?

Team Obama had a fit when team Clinton dared to have the word "kindergarten" at the bottom of a press release.  Today, Obama's spokesman complains that they are being "attacked' by a Clinton "Oppo Drop" in NH because a new piece of Hillary lit quotes from two Krugman column in the NY Times about health care.


People! Have you ever seen the stuff that comes out of RNC fax machines?

Do you think they will care about team Obamas complaints about "unfair" attacks? Come on...

Do you think the GOP and the VRWC will lie down and LET Obama take over "their" Government if we choose him?

They would love you to pick him.

Folks. Its a Red-Blue - 50-50 Nation.

Wishing this wasnt so - doesnt change that Reality.

We gotta think about what's coming post primaries.

Very simply, we can't choose Obama and still have a chance to actually win back the White House.

Its that simple.

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