Small Towns Hire Lobbyists For Big Bucks!

I do not know what to add. The lunatics not only have the damn keys....They now have lobbyists! ---

Excerpts from NYT article written by Jodi Rudoren and Aron Pilhofer:

Via The Raw Story, Saturday July 1, 2006.


Cities, towns, school districts, and other local governments and agencies are turning to lobbyists to pry loose federal dollar, the New York Times will report Sunday.


But in a last-ditch gambit, city officials hired a federal lobbyist who had known the local congressman for four decades. Within weeks, the congressman, Representative C. W. Bill Young, called the mayor to say he had slipped a special $50 million appropriation, known as an earmark, into an omnibus bill.

The city had originally sought $15 million. But Mr. Young -- a Republican who was then the all-powerful chairman of the Appropriations Committee and, as his lobbyist friend knew, believes public roads should be free -- raised it to eliminate the toll.

Since that windfall three years ago, Treasure Island has continued to pay $5,000 a month to the lobbying firm, Alcalde & Fay, and has continued to reap earmarks: $500,000 to fix a sewer plant, $625,000 to repair wooden walkways over the dunes, $450,000 for pedestrian crosswalks.

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The Glover Park Group

After a thorough review of early public polling on the new Medicare prescription drug benefit, our analysis suggests that support for the program is solid.  Five months into the program, enrolled seniors are satisfied with the program, found enrollment to be easy and think it's saving them money.

Wow, that sounds like a White House press release, doesn't it?  

It's not.  In fact, it came from Democrats.  And nothing would make these Democrats happier than to see a New York Times story that starts off using the talking points they are putting out.  It's got everything you need.  It's counter convention wisdom (the Drug Plan is NOT a disaster!  Seniors like it!).  It indicates caution among Democrats on an obviously winning issue (`Yet with this anger at the Republicans' tactics comes a cautious note from some leading Democrats...').  It suggests fractiousness within the party (Democrats are split on how to handle the popular program').

Specifically, it came from Democratic lobbyists at the Glover Park Group, a firm that counts among its partners Joe Lockhart, Joel Johnson, and Carter Eskew.

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Some IP Democracy Posts

I thought some MyDD readers might find these posts at IP Democracy and the source material they link to interesting:

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Don't Let the Net Become Like Cable TV!

A long time ago, probably the very early 1990's, I worked as a grassroots lobbyist for a few months for the local telephone industry in a few "key" congressional districts.  If it had been a play, the title would have been "Promises, Promises!" 15 or so years later I'm watching a rerun.  It sucks but we can change the ending.

I barely remember the issue now but the song remains the same.  The telephone companies were arguing for a regulatory change to bring the wonderful world of competition to cable TV.  The issue might have been rate caps (two nasty words on K Street).  If only the local telephone companies got thier wishes and it became profitable to invest Cable TV would blossom into a cornacopia of innovation and choice.

Fast Forward...

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The Dinner Project

I am initiating a new project.  It's called the Dinner Project.

In the Dinner Project, I am looking for service persons in restaurants who served congresspersons recently.  I am particularily interested in cases in which dinner was served to a congressperson, and the tab was picked up by someone else.

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