Downballot Roundup: Statewide Races

Well, it was a landslide in Congress and in the Governor's mansions, but how did the 2006 elections affect downballot races? I've put together a rundown of the statewide races aside from Senator and Governor: Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor, Comptroller, Agriculture Commissioner, Superintendant of Education, Mine Inspector (seriously, Arizona elects this)...

Just a quick note, I'm only covering races in which the party control has changed. Also, I'm only covering Lt. Governor seats that are elected independently of the Governor. If I've missed anything, be sure to tell me.

Broken up into regions, it looks something like this...

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Jackie Speier: a positive campaign

As a Southern California resident, I'm disgusted with John Garamendi's attack ads against Jackie Speier. I am so impressed with Jackie's positive ads; they really emphasize her character and accomplishments. She is a strong enough candidate to promote herself in an entirely positive manner.

Garamendi must be sensing that he doesn't have much to stand on if he's spending his money (and Jackie's outfundraised him by over $1 million dollars) tearing apart his most formidable opponent.

Don't we want to elect people in California who can run on their own merits? I was already voting for Jackie because of her record on standing up for women, protecting financial privacy, and her goals of using the LG position to truly serve California public universities. But Garamendi's attacks would have pushed me over the edge, even if I hadn't already made up my mind.

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A progressive for Lt. Governor in Rhode Island

This is my first diary, and I want to thank everyone who reads this.  To disclose, I am a volunteer on Elizabeth Roberts' campaign for Rhode Island Lieutenant Governor but am posting on my own accord.

I am posting because today, we found out that there will be a Democratic primary for the open Lieutenant Governor's seat in Rhode Island.  State Senator Elizabeth Roberts ( been running for Lt. Governor for the past year and a half after serving for 10 years in the state Senate.  In the state Senate, Senator Roberts has been a champion for affordable quality health care, women's rights, and civil rights for all Rhode Islanders.  She wants to run for Lt. Governor to use the statewide platform to advocate for health care reform, the environment and economic development.

Read more by clicking "Extended Entry" and please visit my ActBlue page and donate to Elizabeth Roberts to keep a progressive voice as Lt. Governor in RI - gov or ntribute.htm

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