McCain Not As Knowledgeable About Foreign Affairs As They Want Us to Believe!

John McCain, "who, despite the hype, doesn't seem to know as much  about foreign affairs as they want us to believe!

McCain recently talked at length about problems on the "Iraq/Pakistan border" - the countries are a thousand miles apart.  Asked how to deal with Darfur, he mused about "bringing pressure on the government of Somalia". Uh - it's Sudan, Senator McCain.   And he keeps expressing his desire to build up US relations with Czechoslovakia, a country that hasn't existed for 15 years." These statements are not made by a man knoweledgeable about foreign affairs!

Those of us who care deeply about the Truth need to debunk this myth that John McCain is knowledegeable about foreign affairs, because it is another lie they want us to swallow.  Just because McCain spent five years (5) as a POW prisoner, does not make him an expert on foreign affairs, what it does make him an expert on is on how to survive as a prisoner.  Let us not be fooled again, because saying its so, does not make it so.

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McCain's Judgment: Equal To Bush's

The clearest indication I have seen to prove that voting for McCain is the equivalent of voting for a third Bush administration is this video from the Larry King Show in 2001 that The Jed Report has put out on the web:

If this is how McCain thinks, then his judgment is certainly questionable.

We know McCain's solution to the Georgia/Russia situation is to threaten military action; we know that McCain is in favor of military action on Iran; we know that McCain was ready to go to war with Iraq before George Bush did after 9/11 (Richard Clarke, at that time the White House's adviser, has confirmed that in recent comments). That he could keep us in a military involvement for "100 years" in Iraq is a stated fact.

McCain's campaign stresses his foreign policy experience, yet I question whether he has learned anything from America's foreign policy during the time of his service in Congress. We know he could visit Iraq and then report that Petraeus can travel through Baghdad in an unarmored vehicle (not true, of course); We know he confused the Iranians with Al Qu'ida; we know he has publicly made misstatement after misstatement on television and at his "town hall" staged events without being seriously called on them my the mass media. Indeed, if not for the progressive blogosphere he would not be called on these things to any great degree by anyone.

It has been noted on some blogs within the last few days that Obama is becoming more aggressive, and that is a good thing. Politeness and respect toward a POW and fellow Senator has not paid off, and McCain, who once claimed to be running a campaign based on integrity and discussion of the issues, has based his recent efforts on lies and racial insinuations, soft-couched in the repeated phrase "my friends"(which now makes my stomach curdle when I hear it!).

Now we approach the conventions and the final months of the campaign and the race is a tight one. It shouldn't be. We should be sitting here billions of dollars in debt with at least two wars going on and with housing starts at an all-time low and unemployment at an all-time high, eager to elect an exciting, honest, and experienced young executive (judging from CNN's biography of Obama's Chicago experience broadcast last night) to the post of President of the United States.

And we should clearly reject McCain for the most obvious of reasons: he's just not worth it.

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Republicans Never Play Fair!

Republicans never play Fair and you can expect nothing from them except lies, deceipt and deception!  The proof is in John McCain's current ads which border on religious fantasies and childish cartoons (not to be Believable) and are not indicative of the Real World and possibly Schizophrenic! They act as if they are communicating with Children instead of Adults!  And that's an insult to many over the age of 18  who want real facts and solutions not cartoonish schizophrenic communication delivered to them as if they are mindless pups!  Does the McCain Camp really think the American people are childish and gullible!  That is so disrespectful to the advancement of the American people today in the great strides they have made in education and mind building which shows he is definitely out of touch as to where the American people are today --  The American people are growing up.

It is a sad landmark of where the McCain Camp is that a man (McCain) who espouses to be the most powerful leader in the planet seeks to convince us of his fitness for office with images of Paris Hilton and Moses being used (by inference) to demean his opponent!

CNN has begun to air Barack and McCain in their own words at various campaign speeches and town hall meetings, which is really educational and informing.  Unfortunately, MSNBC only seems to like to keep the controversy going or show dueling campaign ads -- bones as compared to meat.  We are tired of being used and treated like children.  I turn off MSNBC and watch CNN who treats us like the adults that we are!

As for Joe Scarborough and his morning show, it is becoming very biased again and unprofessional now that he is back from his hiatus with many comments that border on deceit, lies, racism and distortion.  Barack Obama can do no right, he cannot even exercise for an hour and a half because Most Americans do not do that.  Get a grip Joe, Americans are exercising and taking a lot better care of theirselves than you think!  We, the American people deserve a lot better than the biased dribble coming out of Joe Scarborough's slyly, deceitful mouth who cares nothing for the American people.  For him, it is all about Republican goals and agenda, which have not done anything for the growth of the American way.  Joe, can you for once put the American people's concerns before your own selfish agendas for the Republican brand?

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Let's hope the truth comes out when we deal with McCain.

I read this in a Newsweek article by David Kiley:

What the McCain campaign doesn't want people to know, according to one GOP strategist I spoke with over the weekend, is that they had an ad script ready to go if Obama had visited the wounded troops saying that Obama was...wait for it...using wounded troops as campaign props. So, no matter which way Obama turned, McCain had an Obama bashing ad ready to launch. I guess that's political hardball. But another word for it is the one word that most politicians are loathe to use about their opponents--a lie.

This is something McCain denied to Andrea Mitchell yesterday on MSNBC, but what's a denial added to the lies coming from his campaign already? Not much, I'm afraid.

The desperation of McCain is too obvious for words, yet there are many who seem to be falling for the Karl Rove-ian techniques.

And now he keeps race in the issue by accusing Obama of playing "the race card" simply because the Democrat admits to being different from previous candidates (ie: funny name, doesn't look like the presidents on the currency, etc.). The fact that what he says is true... and that he is really using it as humor to get us away from personal distractions so that issues such as the economy, the military mix-up, the profit gobbling oil companies and eight years of Republican debt buildup... has no serious meaning compared to the one McCain implies.

McCain started out saying he wa committed to a "Civil Campaign". Instead, he is aiming for a Civil War.

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New Website: McCain Lies

Here's an idea. Now that the "McCain lies" meme has been accepted by even traditional media, can someone here with the technical knowledge please start a website called McCain Lies? It wouldn't have to be too fancy - in fact it should be very simple: just two columns - one called Lie and the other, Truth, with McCain quotes on one side and, well, you get the idea...

We could also have a second section for McCain Flip Flops. With one column called Flip and the other Flop (with extra columns when necessary for Double and Triple Flips). Again, pretty self-explanatory

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