McCain Now Engaging In Identity Theft, That Is After Being Exposed for Lying!

After being exposed for Lying, McCain is now Engaging in Identity Theft -- as he is now sounding more like Barack every day -- Change we can believe in, Enough is Enough and now Regulation!  Maybe he thinks he can lie, steal and cheat his way to the Presidency.  After all its been done before!

Yesterday McCain said we needed a 911 Commission-like study to investigate our failing economy, however,  yesterday in his speech in Colorado Barack hit back at McCain with "Instead of offering up concrete plans to solve these issues, Senator McCain offered up the oldest Washington stunt in the book -- you pass the buck to a commission to study the problem," . "But here's the thing - this isn't 9/11." Barack went on to elaborate -- we know how we have got here, and what we need is Leadership!" This shows a distinct contrast from a Party with no new ideas and failed policies to Barack, who does have ideas and who is ready to lead!

I quess there is a light at the end of the tunnel because Five Conservative writers have now come forward to speak out and tell the truth that Sarah Palin is not qualified and is not experienced to lead as Vice President or the Presidency.  They are making it clear to the public that John McCain made a poor judgment call, a rash judgment and an unneeded risk when times are bad and in a crisis mode.  As a gambler, McCain should know you never take an unneeded risk in a crisis when things are already shaky.  Enough is Enough!   The American people will not reward a dishonorale and immoral man to the top job in the land, someone they cannot have confidence in.   A Wizard as in Oz, who blusters and pretends but has no real solutions.  American people want someone they can trust and believe in.  They want a renewed Government working and looking out for them again, not just corporations and  Fat Cats -- Giving welfare bailouts and support to Corporations and none to everyday Americans.  

So you got your guns, but you can't afford to pay your mortgage?  We have to get rid of that mentallity and embrace unity and change for all.  Look, there is a message in Ground Zero -- that afer 7 years, it is still a dark hole.  This is is a symbol of the failed polices of Republicans, that after 7 years, Ground Zero is still a hole, left desolate and it speaks volumes that we are a country unable to find leadership, unable to unite and unable to rebuild and show ourselves and the world that we know how to overcome adversary, yet trillions of dollars go daily to Iraq, to allegedly rebuild a country which should never have been invaded in the first place. Talk about selling someone the Yellow Brick Road, I mean OIL!   Because continued Drilling is not going to end our addiction, it is a band aid.   We need 21st Century ideas and innovations, we need Intelligence instead of experience.  We need the intellectual capacity of someone who can see the way forward when it is dark and to lead us out of the dark and into the light.  We need a Rudolph whose nose was so bright, only he could lead the way from darkness to light and from the unreal to the real.  

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America Cannot Afford McCain, The Grand Wizard, to Continue GOP Failed Policies!

When will Americans wake up from the illusion of the GOP Wizards? Republicans are terrible on Economics and they are terrible on National Security and they have been terrible stewards of the Earth. They have Led us into a Fake & Phony war and have yet to fully implement the recommendations of the 911 Commission to keep this country safe and secure. That is not being Strong on National Security! Ground Zero is still a Dark Hole and an open Wound and a symbol of their failed polcies! We are in an Economic meltdown and that is not change we can believe in and Enough is ENOUGH! Let's expose the myth, deception and lies of the Wizards -- GOP (Grand Opposition Party)! Let's get off the Yellow Brick Road of lies and deception and realize that the power lies within the people to so produce a working government for the people not a government hiding behind a Curtin of corporate greed and special interest groups! They have failed the American people and they have failed themselves. There is no lasting prosperity for theives and liars and the wrong one does will eventually come back to be reckoned with. This is their recokening. Even Alan Greenspan has said Americans cannot afford the $3.3 trillion dollar tax cuts proposed by Senator McCain which is not surprising since McCain has admitted knowing nothing about the Economy and told Detroit auto workers their jobs would not be coming back.  He cannot envision a future of 21st Century cars run on solar or another alternative fuel?  Yikes!

Now the Grand Wizard, McCain, who is 72 years old has allegedly put his Country First and nominated for V.P. someone totally lacking in national and foreign policy experience, who would be a heart beat away. Woodward in his recent book "The War Within" states that the two sleeping giants when someone takes the oval office come January 2009 will be Iraq and Afghanistan, something Woodward says Bush was disconnected from. There will also be another Giant to face -- that of the economy. Brokaw said to Sen. Schumer on Meet the Press Sunday past -- I thought when one picks a V.P. pick that they pick the most qualified candidate, referring to Obama not picking Clinton and chosing Biden instead. This goes both ways and McCain did not pick the most qualified person. A president will have the Weight of the World on his or her shoulders. Unfortunately for this Country McCain has made a very bad judgment call. May be he did not use his good judgment in this pick but something less honorable. Barack and Biden are ready to lead and to take up that weight. I do not think McCain and Palin are ready for such a daunting task. We need true leadership and not a false and deceptive wizard giving lip service to lies and deceipt instead of truth and light. If we pull the Curtin back from our eyes, we will see he has no Power and McCain the Grand Wizard, is not who he says he is!

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McCain admits that Palin lied about the trip to Iraq

Not in those words, but in what appears to be a late Saturday night/Sunday morning news drop, they're admitting what the Globe reported today.  CNN has it.

I hope this gets discussed on the Sunday morning shows.  Obama has a narrative now.  He needs to reinvigorate his campaign, and what can be more inspiring than showing that he won't go the way of Kerry?

It's nice that the media is finally doing its job.  I think the McCain campaign started to feel like they could say anything and wouldn't pay consequences.  In recovery lingo the media has been an "enabler."

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Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them**

Well, after all, Al Franken ** wrote a whole book on it.  Now it seems he could write a whole book on the last two weeks alone.  Now another lie from the McCain campaign.  

Remember how Palin has been outside of our own country?  That the republicans touted her visit to Iraq and has been to Ireland?

well, Gov. Palin and Senator McCain, a pit-stop is NOT the same as visiting a country.

Another lie:

WASILLA, Alaska -- Aides to Gov. Sarah Palin are scrambling to explain details of her only trip outside North America -- which, according to a new report, did not include Iraq, as the McCain-Palin campaign had initially claimed.

Palin made an official visit to see Alaskan troops in Kuwait in July of 2007. There, she made a stop at a border crossing with Iraq, but did not actually visit the country, according to a new report in the Boston Globe.

Earlier, McCain aides had said that Palin visited Iraq, and expressed indignation at questions about her slim foreign travel.

The campaign also said she had been to Ireland; that turned out to have been a refueling stop.

In her ABC interview, Palin said she had also been to Canada and to Mexico, where her advisers said she went on vacation. il/2008/09/13/report_palin_did_not_visit _ira.html?hpid=topnews

Drinking shots in Cancun - well, to be honest I don't know where she went in Mexico - does not equate to "foreign" experience.   Going to Canada on vacation does not equate to "foreign" experience.

If that was the case, I would really have racked up the foreign experience since I have been to many countries.  

Some of you may say, this is a non-issue.  Well, maybe you are correct.  However, you are missing the point.  Add this little tidbit (i.e. LIE) to the slew of other LIES and a disturbing pattern emerges

Lies and more lies from liars who are trying to distort the truth ON PURPOSE to get your votes.  And they are not even hiding it well.  Any person with an internet connection can look this stuff up.

So, my hat goes off to the team of McCain/Palin.  Usually, politicians will tell their lies spaced out over a span of time.  Here, we get a plethora of lies within the same day.  And they are easy to debunk.

The newsprint media is doing their job.  Now, how can we get the people to read?

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Palin Lies build, Never went to Iraq battle zone

It seems there is another lie to pile on the mountain that already is threatening to overshadow the campaign itself.  Palin never went into Iraq, she merely went to the boarder and did not venture into a combat zone.

Why is this a huge deal?  Because it's the one trip they can tout and it is based on exaggeration and lies, business as usual!

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