McLiar--Not in Hillary's Name!

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Last night, John McCain tried to tie his smear campaign against Barack Obama to comments made by Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary campaign this spring.

"I don't care about an old washed up terrorist, but as Senator (Hillary) Clinton said in her debates with you, we need to know the full extent of the relationship with you."

I'm not going to parse, here.  That is a bold-faced lie.


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When did that cold chill go through Cindy?

At the risk of sounding like a jerk, I'd really like to know when that cold chill went through Cindy upon hearing about Obama's nefarious vote against troop funding.

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Debunking Rick Moran's lies about Joe Biden

So Rick Moran of the Right Wing Nut House wrote at the American Thinker about 14 lies Joe Biden supposedly told during the VP debate.  I've gone through and found that Moran either distorted or flat out lied multiple times in his quest to find "lies" from Biden.

Follow me below the fold for the debunking.

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McCain - Neverending War In Iraq (video)

I wanted to share this great 5 minute clip with you.

Please comment and pass it around to all independents. Talk about being a flip-flopper!

Now would you want for this the next clip to become true?

Act now. In many states, we are down to only a few days left to register. Get folks out now! Every state is a swing state.

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John McCain IS capable of keyboarding.(and lying)

Folks, I know the focus now is on the eonomy, the 'bailout' (ie 'giveaway for the well heeled who made the mess'), and tonight's debate, but let's look at how easily John McCain lies to explain away his short comings.  His campaign has again and again stated that he cannot keyboard due to his war injuries.  Pundits have slammed the Obama campaigns ads (Fox's Bill Hemmer was absolutely rabid about it) that focused on McCain's being out of touch because he doesn't even understand email (but hey, he invented the blackberry, who knew?).

Well, folks, have you paid attention to all the video clips of McCain lately?  I don't have the clips nor do I know how to embed them here, but did you see the Letterman clip of McCain with Couric?  His hands were both clearly resting on the desk top, and a couple of times he made motions similar to lifting  hands from a keyboard. Any given photo op with a microphone you see McCain firmly holding that microphone in his right hand, gripped tight.  He 'talks' with both hands animated, no deficits noted.  Video of McCain yesterday  walking up steps showed him with all good dexterity buttoning his suit coat. Bottom line  the man can use his hands at least as well as most of us.

Folks, video footage of McCain going about his daily routines show he IS capable of keyboarding, this is just one more lie put out by his campaign and used to 'pull' the 'POW injury' string.

But hey, after being told that he 'invented' the Blackberry why should we NOT believe that he is incapable of keyboarding?  As I said to begin with, this is now 'past', and no longer in the 'news', but I'm amazed that no one has put together the available video footage of McCain to refute this ridiculous claim.  If he lies about something this simple, what else  will he lie about?

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