"Country First" means spy on Americans first.

Here's another affirmation that the GOP is buried in the mindset of Nixon and Stalin.  Wikileaks and the ACLU (MN) have recently covered the super secret security briefing from the RNC that indicates the usage of the US Military against law abiding US citizens.  Another 'dragnet' surveillance conducted by paranoid tyrants in the party of hate and lobbyists (aka GOP).

In a nutshell, the party that loves (using) the military (to seize power and make fortunes) - the GOP, used military spy satellites to spy on US citizens.  This should come as no surprise, given the Bush/Cheney dictatorship's penchant for spying on us all.  

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Who should fear President Obama and why?

Big Oil, Defense Contractors, Wall St. Speculators and Lobbyists.

They should be afraid because they will no longer have 'one of their own' in the White House.  Barack Obama is not one of them.  He is not the grandchild or child of one.  He didn't take their money to fund his campaign or his career in the US Senate.  Although he may have met their children in Harvard, but he did not go to work for them.

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4 Days to go... and McCain continues with his lies...

I just finished watching the old man make a live speech in Ohio (preceeded by Palin making a live speech in Pennsylvania). As usual, it was full of Obama slashes which were far removed from the truth:

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"Why we fight" director chronicles Straight Talk Train Wreck

Eugene Jarecki has detailed his experiences with; and assessment of - dealing with John McCain on the Huffington Post today. He is the director of "Why We Fight", a film that I posted already on this blog.  I highly recommend watching it, if you have not already done so.

Mr. Jarecki was granted an interview on camera with Sen. McCain for his opinions on Defense spending and corruption.  In an all-too-familiar fashion, Sen. McCain spoke of the need for accountability, then his staff scrambled to retract his words for fear of upsetting lobbyists.

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You Got Hate Mail: Emails sent to N.C. Christians

First, a word of caution. Breathe deeply...now count to ten..

The following is an email that has been forwarded to every member of my church with an email address and I'm willing to bet that before the week is out, it will be sent to many others around rural North Carolina.

If you feel compelled to vent a bit after reading this, please consider leaving a message for the good Bishop. His phone # is provided below.....

First a word from the Neo-Nazi who plays the organ...

Sent: Friday, October 24, 2008 9:19 PM
Subject: Bishop Jackson on Obama

I received this from a friend who knows Bishop Jackson personally and he asked this be shared with others, especially Christians who need to be reminded of their responsibility to God.
 I would go a step further and remind you that as a Christian you are accountable for your vote, on Nov. 4 as well as when you getto heaven.  I don't want Jesus to ask me "Why did you deny me in the 2008 election?" He said if you deny me before man, I will deny you before My Father.  I need Him to be my Advocate now and always.

Can you trust Him with your future,economy,safety, and day to day life?  My Father created all things and everything comes from Him.  He knows our every need and is faithful to keep His children in good times, bad times, through trials and tribulations, but He will not give us more than we can bear.  Can
you be counted to stand with Him and trust Him with everything?


"Christians Must Not Vote For Obama"
By Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., President
Staying True To America's National Destiny ("STAND")

"We are no longer a Christian nation..." Barack Obama declared. "We are...a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation and a nation of nonbelievers." Is Obama right? Are we a Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu nation? Are we a nation of nonbelievers? Not according to any credible statistical or cultural measures.
The greatest danger to our future is political leaders who would rob us of the values which make our nation great. The Founding Fathers held a Judeo-Christian understanding of America's place in the world.

As a Christian and an American of African descent, it pains me to conclude that Barack Obama would move our country dramatically away from God and the values which made this nation possible and prosperous.First, Obama is the most radical pro-abortion candidate ever to run for President. As a State Senator he alone blocked the "Born Alive Infants Protection Act", which guaranteed medical care to babies born alive in spite of attempted abortion. Jill Stanek, who testified at Obama's hearing on the legislation said, "his lack of mercy, shocked me...

Second, Obama has said that he would not belong to a church which is "averse" to gays and lesbians. He views Bible believers as bigots against homosexuals rather than as principled Christians opposed to sin. Christians cannot vote for a politician who supports radical deviation from our biblical understanding of marriage, family and sexual morality.

Third, Obama's history is one of opposition to Israel. He belonged to a church which honors Louis Farrakhan, and supports Hamas. He has had close ties to supporters of anti-Israeli terrorism such as Rashid Khalidi and Ali Abunimah. Bible believing Christians cannot vote for an enemy of Israel. To
do so invites the curse of God.

When we stand in the voting booth on November 4th, 2008, we must stand for the righteousness of God rather than bowing to racial identity or social pressure. True change must come from adherence to the unchanging truths which have guided our nation's destiny. Obama says we are not a Christian nation. He must not receive a single Christian vote.

Bishop Jackson is the author of "Ten Commandments To An Extraordinary Life",President of STAND - dedicated to restoring America's faith tradition and values and is Bishop of Exodus Faith Ministries in Chesapeake, Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts.

Contact: Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr.
Tel. 757-410-7740; Cell: 757-589-5544

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