CNBC Compares EFCA to Iran Elections

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A while back CNBC ruffled feathers by trying to minimize the greed of corporate CEOs in the crashing of our economy. Luckily, the were called out on it by Jon Stewart. Well, now they are at it again. As if those statements were not ridiculous enough, now they are comparing the Employee Free Choice Act to the elections in Iran.

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I need a little Info help. Please.

I know about the court case in Florida that basically allowed fox news to lie.  The problem I am having is this.  I can not find ANY "news" sources (I am sure they did not want to report it) on this and I can not find a link to the actual court case ruling.

I can only find stuff like the following: es/articles/11-the-media-can-legally-lie /

I am trying to pull my brothers head out of his faux news, ditto head fog.

Can you help?


Also... it has been a long time since I have been here.  Work, home stuff and the dreaded "facebook" have taken control of my life.  :)

I am coming back, because FB and twitter are like brainless blogging, they can help in local organizing but they also eat up valuable time for doing good work.

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On the topic of incentive and accountability.

I read Bob Burnett's excellent and timely post yesterday over at HuffPo, entitled "Bush's Day of Reckoning."  I recommend reading it in its entirety.  The topic is whether or not to proceed with criminal investigations of Bush, Cheney & their ilk over torture and any other violations of the Constitution.  Bob does point out that incompetence is not a crime and focuses on things like ordering torture or illegal spying on Americans, which are crimes.

He points out that Congress will not take the lead on prosecution because they rolled over for Bush & Cheney at every opportunity.  So, it comes down to Obama to take the lead on cleaning up the US Government, its checks & balances and the Constitution.  In other words: the rule of law.

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The Genocide of America.

Is the United States of America the world's largest dealer of illegal drugs?  What about the world's largest gun runner?  For years our government has used the CIA, NSA & other super-secret 'intelligence' agencies to cultivate drug harvest and distribution in SE Asia and Afghanistan.  We offer 'aid' and 'trade' to countries in the forms of weapons and ammunition.  The drugs come home to the US to poison and kill our own population.  The weapons we sell are used either against us directly by people to kill others, who then seek to kill Americans.  Did the founding fathers envision a country that would become the world's largest debtor and blood merchant?

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Creating Fiction - The Administration Bush Wants To Be Remembered For.

The LA Times ran an article today that revealed a memo sent to the Bush cabinet members and higher-level staff entitled "Speech Topper on the Bush Record." The two-pager included items that he President expected to be pushed in public summing up the last eight years of his administration and claiming a variety of successes and triumphs that Bush wants to be remembered by.

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