Failures of the President's Policies are failures of his radical Christian support base as well.

GW Bush is the most unpopular president in the past 100 years or so. He -and his policies - are deemed weekly to be failures by a majority of citizens.

This week we read that in preparation for the midterm elections the Grand Old Perpetrators are going to hype the specific social issues that remain etched in stone for radical religious backers who remain quite open and coercive in demanding obedience for their money and their votes in past campaigns.

What this means for us is a continuation of literalist and fundamentalist narrow morality demands - demands which have not made a better place of this nation. The supposed objects of this mindless false morality - abortion, homosexuality, evolution as well as the separation of church and state - have not made the land of the free and the home of the brave neither more free and certainly less courageous and more based on fearful bigotry.

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Criminalizing Abortion

This is pretty upsetting... unfortunately, if it were up to social conservatives and to the republican party, ideally (from their point of view), one day the United States will exist under a similar anti-privacy regiment as El Salvador:

Ever imagine what it might be like to live in a place that voted to thoroughly criminalize abortion? A place that sent abortion providers to jail? That policed hospitals? That investigated a woman's uterus? Welcome to 21st-century El Salvador, the state of anti-abortion.

This is how a New York Times photo gallery introduces us to a series of dramatic black and white shots, with equally dramatic and even more moving captions. For example:

The Incarcerated: Carla Herrara, 11, clutches pictures of her mother, Carmen Climaco, who was given 30 years for an abortion that was ruled a homicide.

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2006 Blue Awards looking for a Co-Director

Hey guys - A few of us have put together an organization called the Blue Awards that awards democratic and liberal achievements and we could use your help.

Awards are voted on by a guild that looks at the merits of the nominees in various categories. Right now our guild has many prominent democrats from around the country including, many state democratic executive committee members, local party chairs (LA County, for example), students, democratic website owners, candidates and more.

At any rate, I am looking for someone to help me run the organization and make it successful. THIS IS NOT A 40 HOUR A WEEK VENTURE! If someone can contribute just a few hours a week to help make this a success, I would be very grateful. A couple of the people that I started the organization with have developed busy schedules, etc and can no longer contribute time to the cause.

The person that ends up working with me will get a percentage of the money generated, but please understand that this should NOT be your reason for participating as the vast majority of the money will be reinvested into the Blue Awards.

I would prefer a current website owner (or someone who knows a little about running a website), someone who has 3-4 hours a week to contribute and a person who can get excited about the Blue Awards.

If you are interested send me an email at with your background and what you think you can contribute (no need to be formal).

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Matt Wallock
2006 Blue Awards

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Gore Reborn

Hello all,

I work at The American Prospect and I wanted to tell you about our next cover story.  It's not on newsstands yet, but you can read it online:  

I want to give you some additional info to

  1. provide simple bullet points for anyone who wants to write about the prime nuggets in the article
  2. provide references of people who were waiting for a Gore cover article (so that we can prove it's part of a movement and not an isolated story)
  3. touch base with the Kos community before going to the larger traditional media.

Please check out after the jump for this info.

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Vendetta: Governments Should Be Afraid of Their People

(Cross posted on my blog,

Go see "V for Vendetta." There are some that am sure will charge that the movie is too this, too that... that it is heavy handed... that it is not faithful in some way to the original vision, etc., etc., etc... However, "V for Vendetta" is worth seeing because it unabashedly addresses the concerns of our times and it asks us to take some part in the blame for letting it all happen -- simply because we were afraid. (Of course, many in this community, especially in this beautifully Liberal community, stopped being afraid a long time ago... but not all of our fellow citizens have managed to shed the fear.)

I simply loved this line from Vendetta: People shouldn't be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people. Now, no one, of course, is advocating violence in any form, but symbolically, the dark hero of this movie is right on... for far too long we've been afraid of what we'll be charged with: un-American, un-Patriotic, an opportunist merely seeking to position oneself for a presidential run in 2008 -- think Feingold, and the shit with which his courageous and CORRECT stand has been met with by some that are still afraid. At any rate, here we have a movie that comes dangerously close, given our times and the paranoia that still lingers in some circles, to advocating a storming of the castle, en masse... err, should I say, a Crashing of the Gates, as it were (and, frankly, it suggests that we, The People, do a lot more than just batting down some gates).

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