Political Preseason Starts This Week

Alert!  Preseason Starts this week!

No, not just Steelers and Eagles preseason football; we're talking about political preseason.  We just finished training camps in Pittsburgh and the Lehigh Valley in July and now it is time to put our skills to the test.  We have teams organizing throughout the progressive movement and they are ready to Score a Touchdown!  

Our Conservative opponents have fumbled the ball on minimum wage in Washington.  At the same time they voted to give low wage workers a raise of just $1,200 a year, they voted to give Paris Hilton a massive estate tax cut of $1.4 million.  That's not hot.  

We need you to get in the game!  Our opponents are pushing an agenda that is far too extreme for America.  Together, we have the talent, but in order to change the debate, we need you.  Many exciting, progressive events are coming up in your area!  These events are extremely important in terms of voter education and focusing on issues that will affect the future of all Pennsylvanians.  The need to get involved is urgent - don't wait another minute!

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A Veto Against Hope. Enough With Your Stupidity!

It's time to get serious about putting the lunatic fringe in its place: the margins of our society where it belongs! I don't expect any reasonable response to this from the conservatives--after all reason is not their strong suit--but the longer we remain silent the more confusion there is. Having close-minded conservatives spew their incoherencies doesn't provide us with "another side" to an issue, just plenty of cacophony! So to all of you who have the brain of Ann Coulter and the character of Barbara Bush* (the elder) listen up:

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how many children or spouses of drunks (dry or not) do we have?

Over at Digby, tristero recounts a conversation with a liberal hawk that ends with the punch line, "Tristero, you're not a trained wonk.  Why were you so right in '02 and everybody else was so wrong?" (read the whole thing)
http://digbysblog.blogspot.com/2006_05_0 1_digbysblog_archive.html#11474333828408 1431

I've wondered about this myself, resulting in this query.  It's well known that Bush is not a reformed alcoholic, he's a dry drunk, meaning that even if his claim to have stopped drinking is true, he retains the sociopathic behaviors of the active alcoholic.  The old joke about alcoholics totally applies to Bush:  "How do you tell if an alcoholic is lying?  His lips move."

I grew up surrounded by alcoholics and spent many years married to a dry drunk. (I'm not whining, it's just a fact.)  It's a truism that the children of alcoholics (including me) develop a preternatural ability to read people and sum them up intuitively, instantly, correctly.  It's an essential skill if you must depend on someone inherently erratic and unreliable.  I took one look at Bush in spring of 2000 and started giving money to McCain, then to Gore.  

And I've been dead right about Bush ever since.  It can't be things I know -- I'm better informed than your average CNN watcher, but not in a league with the majority visiting this and similar blogs.  But still, I just knew, in real time, that he was lying about Iraq, he is up to his elbows in the Plame affair, he's been organizing U.S. security forces into a personal Gestapo since the beginning (remember how the Homeland Security Department is set up to make it easier for the president to install his allies, and fire his enemies?).  I'm convinced that he won't voluntarily yield the White House except possibly to his brother.

Whence, query:  Are family members of alcoholics or dry drunks overrepresented among progressives who knew, just knew, that Bush was lying in 2000, or 2001, or 2002. . . ?

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Proud Extremist

The good Reverend Gisher recently awarded us an Extremist rating, and we're very proud. It may not be apparent from our writings, but we're really much less extreme than we appear. By disposition, we're a mixed bag.

We're Libertarian in our opposition to intrusions on freedoms or personal rights. The power of a democracy flows from how it treats its most undesirable elements. It's easy to celebrate diversity, it's harder to support free speech for the KKK. Democracy is a tough nut that's made for cracking.

On social policy we're<href="http://www.liberaloasis.com/">liberal, but usually give wide latitude to compromise and more conservative notions. For example, we understand that religious people might feel threatened, but we don't think a compromise that allows them to quash non-religious thought or someone else's religion serves anyone - including them. We're also not a big fan of political correctness, in either policy or speech. For the world to function, everyone needs to grow another layer or two of thicker skin. Not everything is an intentional attack fraught with racism, sexism, or any other ism.

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[Poll Added] A Progressive's Wish List

In one of the diaries someone posted a comment that the netroots can't define for themselves what it is that we want from the Democratic party and its elected officials. It was with that in mind that I put together this brief list, er, wish list. Please feel free to add anything you'd like to see coming from the Democratic party and its candidates.


  • National commitment to the Energy Apollo Project, to curtail, if not end, our dependence on fossil fuels -- I'd also like to see more exploration on alternative energy sources
  • No US forces in Iraq, no permanent basis the country
  • Rebuild and regain the trust of our nation's military after the catastrophic abuse of the past six years
  • As an aside, and as someone that served in the military, I'd like to see a mandatory -- yes, mandatory -- military service period for every American after completing high school for a two year period. (Conscientious objectors could serve in non-combat units that are not required to undergo any direct weapons training -- our nation must commit to an ideal wherein war must be a shared sacrifice, across the board, period.)

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