Patriot Activist

Political Activist, is defined as:
 Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social or political change. This action is in support of, or opposition to, one side of a controversial argument.

WeDems Political Activist

The Coordinator has the responsibility to make the members aware of political affairs that effect their livelihood and social well being, including keeping them informed as to legislation that affects them locally.  The Coordinator should also become involved in politics by helping on campaigns of progressive candidates. Listed below are the things the Coordinator should do and know to fulfill the role of political activist and suggestions as to how to do them:

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Are Civil Rights Libertarian?

Doing his best to sweet-talk electorally-ascendent liberals into hitching their wagon to the libertarian rickshaw, Brink Lindsey offers a list of shared victories in which liberals and libertarians can revel together:
an honest survey of the past half-century shows a much better match between libertarian means and progressive ends. Most obviously, many of the great libertarian breakthroughs of the era--the fall of Jim Crow, the end of censorship, the legalization of abortion, the liberalization of divorce laws, the increased protection of the rights of the accused, the reopening of immigration--were championed by the political left.

If these are victories for libertarians, then this is a better argument for why libertarians should support liberals and leftists - the people who actually won each of these victories - than for why the left should turn libertarian.  But it's worth asking whether these markers of social progress even qualify as "libertarian breakthroughs" or "libertarian ends."

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The Kucinich Niche

The year 2006 hasn't even ended yet, and we're already surrounded by politicians announcing their candidacies for president.  I couldn't be happier.  Sure, there's plenty of stuff going on in the world, subtle and exhaustive minutiae for the press and blogosphere to pore over, but it's the clash of the pseudo-titans that makes for sexy blog entries!  In this posting, I want to address a little-discussed candidacy that I postulate may have a bigger impact than expected.

A few days ago, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich surprised me by announcing his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.  He had run in 2004, and while he was spirited and passionate, he failed to make a major splash in the campaign.  He was an interesting and inspiring side show, running a campaign he couldn't win, but giving us all something to believe in, and even if you didn't vote for him, you probably wished him well, and cheered his few double-digit showings in the primaries.  He was a positive influence who had the effect of keeping the leading candidates (as well as debate moderators) honest.  I'll never forget when he tore into Ted Koppel at one early debate for asking too many questions about process and the horse race (that's my job, now), and not enough about policy and the war in Iraq.

I thought that would be it for Dennis.  He had made his point, and with a new Democratic majority in the House, I assumed he would ease into the role of progressive elder statesman, making reasoned cases for controversial positions, from a place of greater influence.  When the news broke that he was back for more, I was surprised.  And then, I started on!

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Start your engines, boys. The Testicle War is ON!

Gentlemen: Start your engines (and hang on to your balls!)

The Tacoma, Washington Gonad Battle is about to begin!

(Quick update to the previous diary on the Testicle Wars):

The American Kennel Club advises that the December 12 Tacoma City Council meeting will address the issue of mandatory spay neuter of all dogs in Tacoma, Washington.

You're going to feel a little pressure

Actually, you're gonna feel a LOT of pressure. Particularly in the vicinity of your Bill of Rights guaranteed protection of private property. The U.S. Constitution says the government cannot simply strip you of what you own. Like that quivering little chunk of your dog.

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Announcing Good Will Hinton

I wanted to let the MyDD community know about the new group blog that I have started, Good Will Hinton.

There are quite a few large multi-user blogs devoted to politics/news/culture discussions. These would include MyDD of course and others such as DailyKos, and even Redstate. However, there tends to be very little overlap and dialogue between the Left and the Right and when there is, it is often filled with vitriol and ad hominem attacks.

We believe that there is a great opportunity for a blog to fill the large gap in between these blogs on the Right and the Left. We seek to be a site for intelligent, reasonable, and charitable discussion and debate between those who disagree politically, philosophically, and culturally. We aim to have an equal balance between those on the Right and the Left and between those of faith and agnostics/atheists.

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